3 Simple Steps to Boost Business Through Employee Morale

Acquiring and retaining solid employees requires focus on their value to your organization..

More and more businesses recognize the correlation of increased employee morale with a greater sense of productivity, engagement and loyalty. Use these simple tips to transform the landscape of your organization and achieve greater success for your team.

1. Promote a healthy environment through emphasis on work-life balance 

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It’s important to provide flexibility that enables fostering a well-balanced personal and work life. Managers can improve their teams’ productivity and performance through encouragement of maintaining strong and healthy relationships. Advocating for employees to leave work on time can benefit both the organization and the individual, as this decreases likelihood of an eventual “burnout”.

2. Foster an atmosphere of inclusion for your employees

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Employees need to be recognized to feel valued. Make them part of the big picture through clear and frequent communication of business updates, in addition to providing both group and individual direction. Driving transparency and honesty plays a significant role in increasing creativity and innovation from your team.

3. Identify career opportunities to enhance motivation

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Thoughtful conversations around potential career paths, coupled with relevant training recommendations can decrease likelihood of employees leaving your firm. By focusing on their individual ambitions, you can determine how to better align your staff to the business. Start by finding ways to help them grow in their current role, further developing their sense of drive and increasing their potential for success with your organization.



Everyone is looking for the best way to appeal to the perfect audience for their product.  We have identified an excellent tool to help market any product.  The Poodle!  Here are 8 reasons to use a poodle to drive your internet traffic.

1.  Perceived Wealth.  Poodles have been used as status symbols for the wealthy for many years due to their elegant features and elite intelligence. Use them to increase your perceived value. Be warned though that this perception of wealth  can also work against you if you’re trying to influence the common folk.

2. “Dog Food Marketing” is the term used when users of the product are not the decision makers. Placement of poodles on your products are great at appealing to those decision makers emotional weaknesses. Take this dog for example. Do you think they bought that bag of food?

3. Play Hard to Get: Draw in your target audience by being a free spirit and not rushing right into every relationship. It’s simple to do by not appearing needy and remaining as vague as possible.

4. Diversity: Poodles are loved by diverse communities…Build brand loyalty with your favorite groups. Poodle pride!

5. Sassy…Throw shade at your competition by humiliating them. Complaining will only turn your audience away so turn up the heat by throwing in some laughter at their expense.

6. Feminism: Poodles have a lot of feminine appeal…Establish better engagement with your female clientele by demonstrating all that female power. Just don’t take it too far, otherwise you might creep them out.

7. Masculinity: Poodles were originally hunting dogs before becoming delicate toys. Balance out all that feminine power with a little masculinity to appeal to a broader audience.

 Just put a poodle on it!

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Strategy and Lessons Learned – Team Turbo

Our Strategy

Develop interesting content to engage the reader.  Our posts were designed to be topical and catchy.  Our themes ranged from politics, technology, millennials, dieting, pets, social media and Lebron James while finding ways to relate the content to marketing

We targeted a wide variety of readers and aimed to keep them engaged with quality content once they hit our page.  More importantly, we wanted to establish credibility with our audience to develop a relationship that would encourage them to come back for more

We used a variety of platforms to promote our posts

Since we designed our content for mass appeal, we used an assortment of websites and social media platforms to reach a large audience.  Our goal was to cast a large net, learn from our successes and failures, then apply this knowledge to our latest post.

How our strategy evolved

Target a specific audience

Our content and our promotional efforts evolved by becoming more specialized and focused.  We learned that writing content for a smaller segment would yield better results and allow us to target our promotional efforts more effectively.

Plan ahead

We made the mistake of writing content without having an established channel in place to reach our audience.  Knowing the specific method we planned to use to reach our audience enabled us to write content directly catered to our readers and the platform.

Key takeaways
    1. Do your research
    2. Know your audience
    3. Know your platform
    4. Gather metrics
    5. Performance analysis

The brief description of our posts


5 ways to use social media like a pro

The idea behind this first post was to create something that would satisfy the Listicle requirement and at the same time provide us an opportunity to learn more about social media marketing.  We wanted to create content that was beneficial to the reader as well as for us.  We applied what we learned from this listicle to our marketing campaign

Review Items:
Stop doing: hard to promote content 
Start doing:  better promotion
Continue Doing: good content 

5 reasons the Lakers should not have signed Lebron 

For this post, we picked Lebron James because of his popularity and knew that most sports fans either love him or hate him.  We wanted to grab potential reader’s attention with our title, but then tie it back to marketing with the content.

Review Items:
Stop doing: poor content
Start doing:  better promotion
Continue Doing: interesting content 

Product Review

The future of Apple products is clear

We chose earbuds primarily due to their popularity.  By now, pretty much everyone in our target audience would have seen or heard about these snazzy little devices but may not have taken the time to read up on them.  We wanted to give an honest, first-hand review that cut out the bs and was straight to the point.

Review Items:
Stop doing: better team collaboration
Start doing:  better promotion, more interesting content 
Continue Doing: interesting content 

Original Video 

When it comes to marketing pet products, should we focus on the owner or the pet?

In this furry post, we wanted to show our audience the power of pet persuasion.  We followed Edson and his pup Mia on their journey to the pet store.  We loved this local company’s marketing strategy for getting customers (2 legged and 4 legged) in the door and wanted to share.

Review Items:
Stop doing: better team collaboration
Start doing:  better promotion
Continue Doing: interesting content 


Love him or Hate him – Donald Trump is a marketing magician

Donald Trump is in the news no matter where you look.  We wanted to piggy-back on his popularity while exploring his marketing genius.  This post dives into how Trump used various marketing techniques to get elected as President of the United States.  Whether you agree with his politics or not, you must give him credit for his success.

Review Items:
Stop doing: nothing
Start doing:  better promotion
Continue Doing: interesting content 

Millennials are killing the value of college degrees

This post was aimed at drawing attention to the college debt issue and the growing need for skilled workers.

Review Items:
Stop doing: nothing 
Start doing:  better promotion
Continue Doing: interesting content 

Click Bait 

weight-loss using your marketing knowledge

Who doesn’t want to learn more about the latest fad diet?  Oh wait, that’s not what this post is about?  This post is intended to simplify the weight loss strategy and give the reader key insights leading a more healthy.

Review Items:
Stop doing: but poor content, post kept being flagged as spam
Start doing:  better promotion
Continue Doing: reddit promotion  

5 Best Marketing Tools of 2018

(from the opinion of a couple of Willamette MBA students)

Looking for a way to make your company stand out?  How do you know if you are reaching the right customer base? Confused with all of the tools and software programs available?

Well go no further! We have reviewed some marketing tools that will help you gain the market intelligence, analysis, awe-inspiring content creation, and social media management you’re craving.

Here are our top 5 picks:


This marketing tool powerhouse, focuses on Marketing Automation, allowing your sales & marketing team to work smarter, not harder.  Enjoy the ease of Advanced Email Marketing and formulated Lead Nurturing that helps you stay in touch with your prospect and move them to the Happy Customer Stage.  Pardot truly is an all-in-one marketing solution. Other features include:

  • Blended Lead Scoring & Grading
  • Prospect Activity Tracking
  • Forms & Landing Pages
  • Closed-loop reporting


Ready to turn on the artificial intelligence?  Check out the AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite from SocialBakers.  Be a Master Marketer with Content Intelligence that provides details on A/B campaigns and what your consumers & prospects prefer.  Check out the full suite of features:

  • Audience Personas
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Community Management


Focused on the personal element for your company’s marketing?  Emma’s Content Creation is an easy to use interface that provides a personal but professional email campaign as a result.  With seamless integration with various CRM systems, Emma is the service you need to create beautiful emails that provide great ROI.  Also included in Emma’s services: 

  • Marketing Automation
  • Personalized triggers & follow up emails (tracking the journey of the customer)
  • Ease of use (speed & design) Email Editor
  • Email Analytics

    Google Trends

    Need to know if people are searching for your product or service online?  Well go to the source, Google Trends.  Explore what the world is searching to help narrow down your customer locale with global heat maps and compare keywords to see which provide better results.  Use the Historical Search Database to see what is trending in searches, and use the analysis feature to find related topics and queries.  Click the link below to take a short Google Lesson on how to effectively use Google Trends. 

LESSON: https://newsinitiative.withgoogle.com/training/lessons?tool=Google%20Trends&image=trends


Going Mobile?  Who isn’t now a-days?  Take AppAnnie for a spin and see how your business ranks in the app market with data & analytics. How much should you charge for access to your app? How can I ensure my app is driving engagement & targeting the right audience?  AppAnnie knows it all, and can provide a lot of knowledge for a little.  Check out AppAnnie:

We know there is a plethora of great software, knowledge base, and tools in the marketing game today.  We hope you enjoyed the tools we use to help make our marketing efforts successful.

Check back this week for more exciting insight into the brave new world of Marketing!

What do you think about the tools of the Digital Marketing Trade?  Give us your thoughts and feedback by clicking the survey link below!


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Top 7 Social Media Campaigns

Take a look at our favorite social media campaigns and understand how they worked. They might even spark inspiration for your own business marketing efforts!

Airbnb: We Are Here Campaign

We Are Here: Miami. Participate in one of our new Airbnb Experiences "Eat Latin" with host Alejandra. #TripsOnAirbnb

Posted by Airbnb on Thursday, November 17, 2016

What was this about? This Facebook Live campaign was Airbnb’s way of showing potential customers just how much there is to do in cities around the world. The best part is they could experience it with their Airbnb host.

Why this worked? There has been a dramatic rise in video content on Facebook for the past couple of years. Especially live video. These in-depth tours take viewers above and beyond and show them the best experiences about the places they could visit.

Blendtec:  Will It Blend Campaign

Will it Blend? – Star Wars Edition

We sense a disturbance in the force.

Posted by Will it Blend? on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What was this about? They capitalized on everyone’s curiosity of seeing random objects smashed into a pulp by a blender (especially Jar Jar Binks). Blendtec created a brilliant campaign to show off its high-powered blender by asking the question, “Will it blend?”

Why it worked? Thanks to Blendtec’s original idea, their Facebook video campaign drew in thousands of viewers. Their ability to blend (or attempt to blend) some of the most random objects around immediately draws your attention. It’s also led to multiple spin-offs of other companies trying similar feats.

Anthropologie: Open Call

What was it about? Anthropologie ran an Instagram campaign that encouraged users to enter the competition for a chance to model for the brand. Users had to post photos of themselves wearing Anthropologie clothes with the hashtag #AnthroOpenCall. One of their promotional posts included the following text: “Sure, you could attend one of our fall fashion shows, but wouldn’t it be more fun to be IN it? To find out how you (yes, you!) could be one of our models, head to the blog. #AnthroOpenCall

Why it worked? This campaign worked due to its’ competitive element and also the interesting and desirable reward. Anthropologie offered their audience a once in a lifetime chance to their target audience. They increased the awareness of their own brand by encouraging that audience to share photos of themselves wearing Anthropologie clothes, exposing their brand to potential new buyers. It also gave the participants excitement to further market the brand unknowingly (free advertising). 

Wealthsimple’s #InvestingForHumans

What was it about? The company interviewed ‘real’ people about money problems. And Wealth Simply avoided the cheap route on this. They hired the best, non-agency talent they could find. They used an award-winning filmmaker to get people to give their most honest, on-the-spot money stories. They used a backdrop of branded, plain-colour walls that, together, make a social media feed look like it was purposefully designed. Then, they disseminated those interviews across the web, and on TV.

Why it worked? These were not celebrity endorsements of Wealthsimple products. They were ordinary people talking about money. That’s it. Some of the interviewees were caught off guard, and that was perfect. The filmmaker captured emotions people had about their money, not technical explanations about investing. But you still get the message Wealthsimple is trying to send, without actually saying it:‘Don’t be foolish about your money. Start investing now. There’s no time to waste. Let’s not have this money problem again.’

Burger King’s take on net neutrality

What was it about? Burger King could have advertised a delicious Whopper by telling you how juicy it is. But instead, they sent a political message. Net neutrality was repealed in the USA in late 2017. Then, in early 2018, Burger King took it upon themselves to demonstrate what their brand is about: equality for all. To show how that relates to net neutrality, they disseminated a viral video on social media to explain the connection.

Why it worked? This is also an excellent example of capitalizing on a specific, historical event to catch customers’ attention. It will certainly make you think about Burger King every time net neutrality is brought up or discussed. It has a way of personalizing the affects of the issue and involving the heart of consumers. 

GE’s Balance the Equation Campagin

What was it about? GE announced they would work to fill 20,000 new STEM roles with female hires by the year 2020. If successful, GE would be the largest tech company in America to claim a 50:50 ratio of male-to-female employees working in technical entry-level positions. One of their most creative campaigns to date is their Balance the Equation campaign, featuring National Medal of Science in Engineering winner, Millie Dresselhaus. GE portrays Millie Dresselhaus as a superstar, with her face plastered on magazines and billboards. Millennials run up to her to take selfies. She’s got a line of dolls and even an emoji face.

Why it worked? It puts a positive spin on being famous for the right reasons by equating the fame a female scientist to the Kardashians. While there is no data quite yet on how many women GE has hired, the campaign should still be considered a success. Between GE’s #BalanceTheEquation hashtag and its GE-girls.com website, the company has secured thousands of retweets and comments, all while making inroads with younger girls who could one day become the STEM experts of tomorrow. 

Chiquita Banana’s Solar Eclipse

What was it about? In a moment of marketing brilliance, which was almost too bright to stare at directly, Chiquita took full credit for the 2017 solar eclipse, dubbing the sun’s crescent shape the Banana Sun. For three weeks, starting on August 7th, the company went straight up bananas, creating gifs, a website, and a massive glowing banana which they unveiled on August 20th near the Flatiron Building in NYC. 

Why it worked? Timing is everything when it comes to influential marketing campaigns. Chiquita that took advantage of the much anticipated solar eclipse which made its way across the U.S. on August 21st of last year. Thanks to the Banana Sun, Chiquita managed to garner thousands of new Twitter followers, hundreds of comments on its Banana Sun GIFs, and tens of thousands of retweets. At least two of the company’s solar eclipse videos were viewed over a million times. 

Content gathered from the following sites:


24 Creative Social Media Campaign Examples to Boost Your Inspiration

7 of the Best Social Media Campaigns (And What You Can Learn From Them)

How to Become an Instagram Icon: 5 Steps Towards Stardom

How to Become an Instagram Icon: 5 Steps Towards Stardom

Hopping on the millennials train to become Instagram famous isn’t as easy as treating yourself to a slice of cake. With more than 700 million total active users and 8 million accounts using business profiles, you need a plan to keep you on the track to Instagram stardom #winning.

We’ve highlighted 5 steps below to help guide you towards your stardom.

  1. Bringing Followers Aboard

Think of yourself as a business and promoting it in a way that people continue to talk about you, share what you have to offer and don’t forget about you after a couple of visits. To avoid falling off the track, it’s important to segment your follower base. Audience segmentation helps divide your followers into distinct groups so that you can increase the number of interactions. This helps map your followers and gives you awareness of what type of content they engage with and continue to share. Remember to have a consistent theme and aesthetic for your feed that aligns with your brand voice and visuals that your followers can connect with #allthingspretty #dontberandom.

  1. Let’s Get Cozy

Followers come for the aesthetic and theme but stay for the entertainment. That most often means opening up your personal life to the world. Let’s start with your bio. Setting your bio seems like a simple task but this is the first thing visitors see when they are deciding to follow you or not. Research has shown it takes less than two/tenths of a second for people to form their judgements. That’s not a lot of time to capture someone’s attention! Be simple, succinct, personal, well formatted and get emoji happy.

As you develop your following it’ll be important to showcase your theme but also tie in parts of your personal life. It’s not uncommon for business instagrams to have less followers than the actual person who runs it! Bring others into your life to create that close knit feeling to bond your followers together and to your story.

  1. What Catches the Eye

Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Bob Ross, <your name here>? Aspire to the level of the masters but recognize that you’re not going to get there. Maintaining integrity to your own artistic aesthetic is more important than reaching someone else’s definition of genius.

Developing a loyal and engaged following requires being consistent to your established ideas and themes. And capturing a moment requires a combination of creative talent, technical skill, luck. Your followers will save and share the best of your photos so focus on the subject at hand. Keep it simple, don’t overwhelm with too much going on in your photos. Lighten up, tend towards bright and vibrant photos. Technology can make up for deficits in photographic talent or skill. But remember, you can’t fix stupid.

  1. ###

Hashtags are breadcrumbs guiding your followers to the payout of an amazing post and drive traffic to your content.

Stick to #four or less hashtags a post. Don’t be afraid to blaze a new trail and develop hashtags that are meaningful within your community of followers. And remember to play by the rules. Instagram knows that your #Bali post originated from #YourOfficeDesk. Beware, Instagram will shadowban (hide) you appearing in the feed for that hashtag.

  1. Promote, Promote, Promote

Let’s be honest, the end goal is for your Instagram life to be sponsored and to say goodbye to the office life forever.

But how do you get there? Engaging your followers is a great first step. Do this by responding to their comments, liking back their posts and giving shoutouts. Building your loyalty will keep them coming back and boost your visibility. Keeping followers engaged by consistent posting is vital. Use 3rd party apps like Later to help manage your posting while you’re busy living your best life and creating new content. Don’t be afraid to reach out to product based accounts and ask them if you can promote their product; this will benefit you and their brand. Last but not least, get local! Build your follower base from your own backyard. Check in at locations, share local events and post from them. The more you put in to making connections the further your reach will continue.

Now go out there and take over the Instagram world! Don’t forget us when you’re famous.


Summer Fun in Salem … Where it all begins

Thanks for checking out our Summer Fun in Salem blog series on Socialmba.org. 

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Beer, Friends, Food …. and Beer!

Summer Fun in Salem

We are a group of four Willamette MBA students dedicated to keeping you informed and entertained about some of the fun things to do here in Salem this summer.

Look out for us out and about in Salem.

Have an amazing summer

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Why Businesses Can’t Survive Without Social Media — a Review in Memes

In his article ‘Why Businesses Can’t Survive Without Social Media’ Ryan Holmes makes three major assertions about the necessity of social media in relation to generating revenue and relationships.

  1. All business should be on some form of social media platform The author is correct when he asserts that all businesses should go on some form of social media platform. It was already a trend in 2015 and it is a trend that is still spreading around the world and the possibilities are endless. Social media is an open and flexible world with constant innovations.

2.  Interactions First Channels Second

Interactions first, channels second (IFCS) is a value that often gets overlooked. Set first your strategy, target your client, know your publications and what kind of reactions you want to provoke. After this, you should select a platform which fits within your strategy.

3. Companies are often wrongly hesitant to join social media

Companies are not often willing to join these social media platforms. Excuses range from it takes too much time, we’d have to be on every platform, there’s no benefit and many more. Moreover, in the past managers or CEOs didn’t see the causal effect of social media and were looking for the wrong numbers. They were expecting to see an increase in turnover or sales. As we have learned, there were analyzing the wrong figures. Social media affects other aspects of the customer’s experience and opinion before the purchasing decision. Lastly, the author points out the fact that going on social media is not easy, it is changing all the time and you have to be aware of all the adaptations.

For the full article follow: http://fortune.com/2015/11/18/businesses-cant-survive-social-media/