Don’t Get Thrown Out With the Dirty Dishwater!

I used to think my Dad was not fun for reading boring newspaper.  My children will think I'm not fun for reading boring reddit.
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The era of the newspaper is dying.  Perhaps we can throw that out with the dirty dishwater!  Not so long ago, generationally speaking, the newspaper was the “go-to,” one size fits all, media resource. Be it searching for employment, browsing the classified ads, or just catching up on the latest local or national news, the newspaper was the hard copy version of our modern-day digital age of social media. With technological advances on a steady rise – and a world full of ISPs, URLs, Platforms, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blogs, Tweets, Chats, Posts, and Hashtags – the way information is shared today has dramatically changed since the days of old. Now if you still grab your paper copy of the news to read it along with your morning coffee, then great! But chances are, the digital version of that same media was already delivered to computers and cell phones around the globe, long before that crinkled up paper copy hit your door.    

While this story of the ages might lack significance for those who have retired from the workforce, for many, the world of business has become increasingly reliant on the need to utilize the power of technological advancements and social media to bring products to the market and remain competitive. Whether it be to promote your business, enter a new career path or just stay relevant (and not get thrown out with the dirty dishwater), rapid changes in industry practices have prompted many workers to be proactive and attain the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed. If you’re looking to advance your education to thrive in today’s marketplace, consider Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management – A Nationally Accredited, Top-Tier MBA for Professionals program, ranked #1 in Oregon. This program has strategically built a foundation of learning that meets the practical needs and demands of the social media and marketing industry.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American changes jobs 10-15 times between the ages of 18-46. Considering 77% of U.S small businesses use social media for key business functions (SCORE 2018), a career within social media and marketing shows great prospects for both new graduates and for those who wish to change or advance their careers. The demand for skilled workers within this industry demonstrates how digital marketing has increased business performance. A report from SCORE reveals the benefits of using social media as follows: 

  • 59% of businesses report that facilitating customer service through social media makes it easier to get issues resolved.
  • 44% of businesses report that social media helps generate brand awareness.
  • 41% of businesses depend on social media to drive revenue.

So how important is social media to consumers in today’s marketplace? This comical video clip demonstrates the impact social media tools have had on the consumer. It just might change your attitude about social media marketing.