How to Sell Yourself in 5 Steps

After you’ve mastered selling yourself, it’s time to take your marketing to the next level and learn to Growth Hack ANYTHING.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, a promotion, or honing your skills in your current role, developing your own personal brand will help you keep your eyes on the prize – getting the most out of your career.

  1. Establish your personal brand.

Your brand is the sum total of your reputation, the quality of your work, what you stand for, and how you represent yourself to the world. Your brand can build on itself in a positive way, if you play your cards right.

Brand Loop


Who you are and what you stand for will come across in the quality of your work. Assuming you’re producing high-quality work, this builds trust and confidence in you from your employer and peers. This increase in trust and recognition can generate rewards, such as promotions, accolades, awards, or bonuses. And these, in turn, may elevate you in the eyes of others, build your confidence, and continues to grow your positive brand image.

  1. Identify your target “customers”.

Since you’re marketing yourself, your “customer” will be your future employer. So identifying the target customer you are after will help you hone in on what position and/or industry is the right fit for you. Then, you can highlight the skills and qualities you have that make you the best fit for that industry or position.

Know your audience:

  • What industry do you want to work in? (i.e. Technology, Transportation, Government)
  • Does industry matter to you or are you looking for a line of work that will transfer across industries? (i.e. Project management, Communications, Purchasing)
  • What are the skills you bring to a particular industry or position that make you the best fit?
  1. Develop a strategy.

Now that you know who you are and who your target “customers” are, it’s time to develop a plan of action for getting your name out there. Just like any company would work to differentiate themselves from other companies, you can set yourself apart from all those other job seekers out there.


  • Be consistent – Find ways to build your reputation in the field you’re passionate about and politely decline those that take you off course.
    • For instance, if grant writing is where it’s at for you, find volunteer opportunities or apply for positions having to do with grant writing. It can be easier to tell your story if connections from one experience to the next are clear.
  • Reinforce your brand – Join professional associations and other groups to find networking opportunities and practice telling your story. Reinforce your brand by telling your story in these places as well:
    • LinkedIn
    • Personal website or blog
    • Facebook
    • Twitter


  1. Gather intelligence.

Doing your market research, your homework, or whatever you want to call it is critical for success. How will you know who’s hiring or what skills are required for a particular line of work if you don’t do your research? You can get a lot about where your skills and those of your dream job align or learn what you need to do to brush up to things to meet the requirements of your next job, just by looking around or asking:

  • Check job postings on specific company websites
  • Read job descriptions on job boards
  • Meet industry “insiders” for informational interviews
  • Go to networking events
  1. Be You!

Most important – be the authentic you. People can tell when you’re faking and it doesn’t feel good either. So be genuine and honest and let your true self come through. It’s the best brand there is!

Knowing yourself, what your strengths are, and what you want from your career will help you develop your own personal brand. Now get out there and brand yourself!


What is Growth Hacking? Take your marketing to the next level and learn to Growth Hack ANYTHING.