Charity Miles App Review: Good for Runners, Companies, & the Community

As a runner and a not-for-profit professional, I thought that the Charity Miles App seemed too good to be true. I quickly realized that it was an innovative platform that lived up to its mission. 

How it Works

By downloading the Charity Miles App, individuals can track their running, walking, or biking activity and convert mileage into donations to their favorite charities. The app allows for individuals to choose from over 40 charities, which will receive $0.25 per mile run or walked, and $0.10 per mile biked. Individuals select their activity type, enable location services for the app to track activity, and start their workout. When finished, it’s as simple as clicking the finish button, which leads to a workout summary which includes mileage, activity time, and the amount donated to charity. Users can even take a photo of their workout, which will generate an image to promote the apps and activity through social media.

The Positives

  1. Easy to use: it only took a couple of minutes to create a user profile and figure out how to log miles.
  2. It’s a win-win-win: everyone benefits- users, who get to contribute to social causes, companies who get high-impact advertising space, and charities, who receive money from every mile logged.

The Negatives

  1. Lack of functionality: The app won’t be replacing your GPS watch anytime soon. Mileage wasn’t incredibly accurate, and I was unable to pause my activity when at a stoplight.
  2. Missed promotional opportunities: If you plan to share your activity mileage via social media, you can only so right after you’ve finished the activity. This removes opportunities for users to advertise the app and it’s sponsors.

An Innovative Digital Marketing Medium for Companies

Charity Miles touts the ability for sponsors to maintain a captive audience due to the structure of the app/sponsor/user setup. By sponsoring the app, companies can advertise their charitable giving through the agreement to donate $X per each mile logged in the app. Companies can expose app users to a variety of sponsored content, including blog posts, product discounts, and free trials. This structure melds corporate giving and advertising, as sponsorships fund the donations.

Will I Continue Using Charity Miles?

In short, yes. The app is easy to use and is a low commitment option in giving to social causes. As long as you can get past the amount of sponsored content (hey, they are donating money on your behalf) I recommend that you try it on your next walk, run, or bike ride too.


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10 Things Every Modern Woman Needs

Women in this day and age are strong, powerful and confident. We can master  drone flying skills, own the latest gadget, and be the best driver on the street. At the same time, we can still dress up in the little black dress, watch our favorite movies and listen to our favorite songs. Who says we can’t have it all? These 10 things below will help you become that independent, happy and self motivated woman.

1. A Selfie Drone-
Every self-loving woman should own a selfie drone. Imagine you come upon a beautiful wild flowers field and you want to capture this scenery with you in it. How will you go about it without asking for help?  With a selfie drone, you can let it take off in the air capturing beautiful image of you and the wildflowers. You can record and take photos or videos without assistance of your significant others or strangers. You can find a drone with capability to live stream your video straight to your social media. What I have shown here is my DJI Mavic Pro. The drone is super easy to use. Do you know what the best part is? It folds and fits within a standard 8X11 paper. That means it can easily fit into medium sized purses or standard sized backpacks.

2. Self Defense Skills-
Every woman needs to have the skills to protect themselves against physical or emotional abuse. You never know when you will need it. You can find free classes offered at your community or rec centers. Some places charge a fee as donation to women shelters to help women or men of domestic abuse.

Image from Femina

3. Defensive Driving Techniques-
All that talk about woman are bad drivers? Let shatter that stereotype! There are many driving classes that can help you become better drivers. Other than breaking the stereotypes, you just want to be safer on the road for your family and loved ones.

Image from Tapoos

4. A job (even if it’s volunteering)-
A job, whether its a paid or volunteer position, can be fun. Other than money, a job can help fulfill your physiological needs such as: power, status and/or relatedness. Studies reflect people with more friends live longer and healthier.

Image from Globaltake

5. A hobby (other than your job)-
Doing something you love will keep your mind off the challenging or mundane tasks. This hobby can be taking photo with your selfie drone. Otherwise, it can be a tennis game or a long distance run.

Image from

6. A nice purse-
Yes, a “nice” purse. “Nice” is relative. Price doesn’t matter. If you can afford it, buy it. Why not? The color can be neutral or as bright as you want it to be.

Image from

7. A black dress-
Every woman needs a black dress that makes you feel beautiful and empowered. This can be a formal dress or just a dress you want to wear causally. It can be loose or form-fitting as long as it fits your personality and style.

Image from

8. A list of favorite songs-
This list can have different genres. You need a list of songs that can pump you up for a workout, ease you into your morning routines or set the moods for your quiet evenings.

Image from KGOU

9. A list of favorite movies-
These are movies that you can watch over and over again. Movies that can bring you back to the moment of happiness you experienced or bring you hope into the future.

Image from List Challenges

10. A handmade recipe collections from friends and family-
This recipe book is not the same one you purchase from a bookstore. The book should consist of your favorite dishes collected from friends and family. You have taste-tested them and loved them. If you don’t already have this book, create one now!!!

Image from Heirloomed

Now you have the 10 things every modern woman needs. Maybe you live happier and healthier lives. Share your aerial photos of your life with us!

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Why Do People Run Half Marathons? – I’m not doing it for the shoes!

When one types in a search for “why do people run half marathons?” into Google, they are most likely doing one of two things. One, they are following their marketing professor’s instructions for how to create a good blog post for a digital marketing class OR (more likely) two they are asking themselves the same question I’ve been asking myself lately:

“Why the hell AM I doing this?! Why am I training for a half Marathon, again?”

It’s just 13.1 miles. What’s all the fuss about?

A lot of you are reading this because you’ve heard through the grape vine, or from me directly, that I’m training for my first half marathon. And honestly, the first question most of you have asked me is “why?”

I’m here to tell you what all the fuss is about.  For me, anyway.

Running Shoes

Originally, I set out on this journey to:

  •   Test my physical strength
  •   Test my mental strength
  •   Test my willpower and commitment to a goal
  •   Test my ability to create a new habit and stick with it

The sheer curiosity of if I could or couldn’t do it was the entire reason I started training.

My motivation to keep training?

1. Camaraderie

The number of complete strangers in the global running community who continue to support me, follow me, read my blog, like my sweaty/frizzy haired instagram photos, offer advice, and cheer me on literally leave me in awe most days.  People who I have NEVER met, and NEVER spoken to, are taking the time out of their busy lives to support me in my goal to run this half marathon. If you want to restore your faith in humanity during this crazy time in the world, look no further!

2. Confidence

Sometimes you have to remind yourself what you’re really made of. Your body has to prove to your brain that you are a force to be reckoned with, and that you really can do whatever you set your mind to.

3. Curiosity

The sheer curiosity of if I could or couldn’t do this was the entire reason I started training. And my curiosity is still a main reason why I keep training and keep being motivated to work towards this goal. I guess we’ll find out if curiosity killed the cat in a short 36 days time!

Why Some People Run Half Marathons

Some common results from my quick Google search indicate the following as “reasons why people should run half marathons”.  There are some funny ones, that certainly don’t apply to me.

1. You Have A Thing For Bling

“Many races include all kinds of perks and amenities to draw runners to the starting line. One such amenity is the ubiquitous race medal. The bigger the race, the bigger (and gaudier) the medal you’ll typically receive at the finish line. Medals now double as coasters, bottle openers and more. If you complete more than one half marathon in a particular race series (for example, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Series), it’s likely you’ll get a special medal for your multiple efforts. So, if you’ve got a penchant for the bling, half marathons will hook you up.” (Forsman, n.d.)

Nope, I’m not in it for the bling. I’ll gladly wear a finisher’s medal when I feel like I’ve earned it, but the shiny, heavy circle around my neck is NOT my motivation. Doesn’t the strap end up chafing, anyway?

2. You Like To Party

“As mentioned earlier, the perks and amenities at races today are staggering. Aside from the gaudy ‘bling’ one typically receives, there is almost always some kind of post-race party or celebration. Destination Races sells out all practically all of its wine country-themed events to some degree because of the post-race wine tastings following the race. The anti-oxidants can speed recovery and augment the runner’s high. Live music often accompanies the imbibing of said anti-oxidants. If you like to party, the half marathon may be your distance.” (Forsman, n.d.)

Free Mimosas are great and all, but I’ll go to a bar (or my refrigerator) if I want one. And Yes, I do like to party, but not when I smell like literal ass, have Jell-O legs, and want to crawl into an air-conditioned hole to nap. Unless that’s your idea of a party, and then we may just inherently disagree on this one.

3. You want to burn some extra calories

“A mile generally burns about 100 calories. If you’re currently logging mileage consistent with running 5Ks and/or 10Ks, you’re burning some decent calories.” (Forsman, n.d.)

Nope. I like bacon, and my body the way it is. Thanks, though. Also since starting this training I have gained weight, not lost any. I don’t know if I’m enjoying the carbo-loading too much, or if I’m actually losing fat and gaining muscle. Either way: pass the bacon, please.

4. You want new kicks.

“If you are stepping up from the 5K or 10K distance, logging a few extra miles each week will undoubtedly necessitate the purchasing of an additional pair or shoes or two. So, if you’ve been eyeing the hot new pair of Nikes at your local running specialty store, sign up for a half and pull the trigger as you’ll likely need them soon.” (Forsman, n.d.)

Seriously? New shoes? That’s what is getting some people to feel like they are going to pass out from exhaustion? That’s what is keeping some people on their training schedules when it’s hot, when it’s raining, when you can’t feel your toes, when you’d rather do your damn laundry than go on another run. Shoes? Oh my god, shoes. To each their own but personally, this one doesn’t do it for me.

5. Your wardrobe needs upgrading.

“If you’re going to be logging more miles, that may very well mean you’re running more days per week than you have previously.  These extra days of running will make it easy to rationalize upgrading your running wardrobe.” (Forsman, n.d.)

Nope.  See PSA about shoes written above.

My Current Stats:

  • Motivation for my last training run: staying on track with my recent  progress
  • Length of last training run: 6 miles
  • Song that got me through my last training run: Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adelle
  • Longest continuous distance ran (to date): 6 miles

Days to Disneyland Half Marathon: 36

– Lauren N

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Forsman, Matt (n.d.). 13.1 Reasons to Run a Half Marathon. Retrieved July 21, 2016, from:


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Are you a runner? I’d love to hear about your journey!

If you’re considering starting your own personal blog about your running journey, check out this article with 5 Tips for Starting a Personal Blog .

Joshua Lockhart gives great advice about the keys to writing a personal blog, such as:

Starting Small: Build your following one reader at a time! Before you know it, if you content follows steps 2-5, you will be getting followers and readers by your most powerful (and elusive) tool — word of mouth.

Picking a Topic and Sticking with it: Once you find your niche, stick with it! People love consistency. It’s easier to build a following when you are honing in on one specific group of people with shared interests.

Build Your Audience: It’s important to reach out personally and connect with people who are interested in the same topics you are writing about. Who knows, you may even find someone else who’s blog you’d like to start reading!

Staying Consistent: It’s important to stay in rhythm with your posts. People will start to expect and look for them habitually once you have been posting consistently for 30 days. After all, it takes 30 days for us to make a habit!

Be Real: People aren’t seeking information that is fictional or perfect. They want to hear the truth about how don’t always meet your goals, they want to know what makes you human, what makes you similar to them; they want reality. YOUR reality.

  • Current Stats:
    Motivation for my last training run: trying to get a ten minute per mile average speed
    Length of last training run: 3 miles
    Song that got me through my last training run: Started from the bottom, by Drake
    Longest continuous distance ran (to date): 5 miles
    Days to Disneyland Half Marathon: 42



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Joshua Lockhart . 2012. 

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Chasing My Dreams, Realizing My Power


“Why are your knees covered in mud and your heels bloody?”

“Why are you in grad school?”

“Why would you try to do that?”


Hi. My name is Lauren and awkward social interactions are my specialty. Like, even more so than Dory from Finding Nemo. You know, that fish who forgets she is talking to you mid sentence? Loses her family because she forgets she even has one? Yeah, even more awkward than THAT fish.

(case and point: comparing myself to an animated fish – and meaning it. Publically.)

The above questions are just some of the brutally honest questions I have been asked in the last three months. No, I’m not recently pregnant, married, or attempting to get to Rio in 2016 for the speed walking competition, either. All I am doing is working towards my MBA at Willamette University, while working full time, and training for my first half marathon.

Not even a FULL Marathon; just a half! 13.1 miles of constant motion; during which all I will be uttering in-between gasps for air is I-havent-been-fit-since-I-was-16-years-old-what-the-hell-was-I-thinking.

This is my story. Well, one of my stories. This is my story right now – as it is happening in real time – all of the mucky, defeated, determined, yes I just shit my pants a little on that last run parts of it.

If you’re on board for the honest and gritty truth of trying to do something you once was impossible, stick around. This is the story of my journey to finishing this half marathon and documenting the experiment for my Marketing class. This is the first in  a series of posts chronicling, through various digital marketing methods, my trek to the half marathon.

It’s bound to get interesting. Some people argue that is already has!

My current goal is to finish the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 4th, 2016 in under three hours.  While dressed das a fish that has a terrible short -term memory, but damn is she committed! Just. Keep. Swimming. Lauren.

Current Stats:

Motivation for my last training run:  the sheer curiosity of if my body can stay in motion for two hours straight.

Length of last training run: 2 hours 18 minutes

Song that got me through my last training run: Donald Trump, by Mac Miller

Longest continuous distance ran (to date): 4 miles

Days to Disneyland Half Marathon: 50