MBA at Willamette University: A Solution to a Career Dead End – Part 2

When I decided to go back to school, I didn’t know where to start. I made the decision in 2011 but at that point, I haven’t attended college since 1998 and was not familiar with “college culture”, and application requirements. After learning about where I stood in terms of existing college credits, and my GPA, I found out I had to start from the beginning. Community college was the most logical and cost-effective option for me. I attended Portland Community College (PCC) before transferring to Portland State University. PCC was a long and slow process since I was paying for my classes out-of-pocket and took one class at a time until I decided to apply for financial aid to expedite my time in school.

At Portland State, I majored in English with a minor in writing. I chose English due to my interest in the subject. I understood the subjects and majors in the STEM field is in demand and well-compensated, but I was never a math whiz. Math and algebra were always my worst subjects in primary school and community college, so I felt the STEM door was closed for me. During my time at Portland State in the English department, I contemplated what I would do career-wise when I was done, but always came up short with ideas.

 Let me rephrase that: I came up short with careers ideas where I would be compensated more than when I was working as an admin in San Francisco in the early 2000s. Remember, I will have student loans to pay back. Looking at local career options, I ran the risk of taking a hugs loss in compensation despite having a college degree.

After meeting with a few counselors regarding career and graduate school, I realized business was where I wanted to go, and an MBA would be my method.  One year before my graduation date from Portland State, I started researching MBA programs nationwide and eventually in the local area. In the third post in this series, I will focus on Willamette University MBA and why I made the decision to all of my eggs in their basket.