Pokémon GO – What is it??

So……what is Pokémon GO…..and who’s playing it?

I kept seeing posts on social media about people catching Pokémon.  I felt a little sad for these folks, as I thought the cards were making a come back and knew how much money could be “invested” in them, only to be cast aside for Yu-Go-Oh cards  in the future. Then, in some severe cases, Magic the Gathering.   Turns out it’s an app that was just released this last week that has already become insanely popular.

What the Hell Is ‘Pokemon GO’? A Short Explainer

I asked a couple people what it is and how it is played…these are the honest answers:

Capture 1 Capture 2 Capture

Words such as incense, revives, razz berries and of course Pokeballs are used. All said with straight faces.  A lot of the more dedicated players (or are they gamers??) that I spoke to about this phenomenon are in their early to mid-twenties. Man, woman or child are all equally attracted to this adventure. Lunch breaks are no longer for eating, but for trying to catch Magmar and Rattata.  Friday night drinking can be paired up with Pikachu.  Exercise with Entei (a 6’11” Volcano Pokémon)…..hope these things aren’t life size.

I couldn’t quite grasp the concept…..so I downloaded the app to experience the thrill first hand.  It is kind of entertaining, you get to pick your character’s clothing, right down to shoes and a backpack.  The most challenging part so far was finding a name that was still available.  I may have to watch one of the abundant tutorials to become an expert trainer.

Let the games begin 🙂