Decoration ideas for your Vespa

Looking for ideas to decorate your Vespa?  Vespa already comes in beautiful colors.  However, for those wishing to personalize their Vespa, here are some creative ideas.

The images below were collected from Pinterest and the Vespa museum.

1. Stripes:  There are many style options. Some options include: thin or thick stripes, single stripes and/or multiple colors combination.

2. Initial or luck numbers:  The idea is a mix of stripes with personalized letters or numbers.

3. Polka Dots:  Do you love polka dots? Simply add colored dots to the existing base color.

4. Floral:  This style is very feminine.  The beautiful design will make you feel like it’s spring all year long.

5. Animal Prints:  These animal prints will make you stand out on a crowded street.

6. Patriotic:  Do you love your country?  Show some pride!

7. Camo:  Do you want to blend into the background?  This camo style will make you feel like the soldier you already are.

8. Checker pattern:  Do you like board games?  You will stand out with one of these checkered patterns.

9. Cartoon:  Show your inner child! Was Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob or Tweety your childhood’s favorite cartoon character? Check this out…

10. Unrestricted pattern (free/arts form):  Do you want to be even more creative?  Make your Vespa a work of art!