Willamette MBA: A Solution to a Career Dead End – Part I

When I look back ten or even five years ago, I never thought I would ever pursue an advanced degree to advance my career. Before June 2018 I didn’t even have my bachelor’s degree. Before going back to school to finish my degree, I spent the past fifteen years in jobs that I enjoyed for the most part, but I wasn’t advancing. I worked in the information technology, science, finance, and architectural industries and enjoyed what I did, but quickly got bored.   I felt my experience qualified me to do more, but I didn’t have the education to back it up.

My resume begins in 2000 when I worked for Microsoft in Mountain View, California. I was the administrative support for WebTV Networks. Before that, I worked for a law firm in San Francisco, but I decided to leave that off my resume since I was no longer interested legal support at the time. In the years that followed, I had positions at companies that allowed me to learn about various industries, but I was stuck.

When I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2009, my career prospects got smaller. I was no longer in an area that afforded me a variety of cities and industries to work in. I quickly realized that I needed to at least finish my bachelor’s degree if I want to get ahead.

In my next post, I will share with you the first steps I took to get to where I am now. Thank you for reading! -Carla Rose Allen

Is Willamette MBA for Professionals for you?

• Do you feel stuck in your career?
• Do you want to be in a leadership role?
• Do you feel discouraged when looking at job requisitions that require an advanced degree?

If your answer is “yes” to the above questions, Willamette University MBA may be your ticket to advancement in your career. Willamette University MBA is designed for individuals starting out in their career and working professionals like you. The skills you may have learned in your undergraduate program may no longer be relevant in today’s growing industries. Demands are higher and it’s easy to get left behind.

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Willamette University MBA Campus

You may ask, “how can I go back to school, work full-time, and care for my family?” Willamette University MBA for Professionals, or MBA-P, is designed specifically for you. Here are seven reasons you should consider Willamette University MBA-P to expand your career:

  1. Working Professionals – The program is designed for busy personals, so classes are held in the evenings two nights a week.
  2. Great Locations – You can opt to attend class at the main campus in Salem, Oregon, or at the urban campus located in the heart of Portland.
  3. Support – The classes are intimate, and the academic and personal support from the faculty is vast.
  4. Streamlined Enrollment Process – The enrollment process is extremely fast and easy. Whenever you call or email the MBA for Professionals staff, you should expect a response within 24-hours, if not immediately.
  5. Peer Support – Unlike in a traditional university setting, your cohort will be made up of individuals in a similar life/career/family situation as you.
  6. Dynamic and Progressive – The curriculum offered is current and relevant to today’s business environment. Classes such as LEAD: Leadership Effectiveness and Development and Politics and Public Policy for Managers will give you the skills you can immediately use at your job. See the complete list of MBA for Professionals Course Descriptions.
  7. Willamette Foster’s Lifelong Learning – Graduation day doesn’t have to be the end of your time at Willamette University. “Willamette MBA alumni may register for select courses in the Early Career/ Career Change MBA or MBA for Professionals program free of charge … for life.” See more about the Willamette MBA for Life.
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MBA Cohort

In the next post in the MBA for Professionals series, we will explore in greater depth the benefits of earning your MBA from Willamette University!

The Princeton Review: Willamette University – Atkinson Graduate School of Management

What Alumni Are Saying:

While I received a solid ‘business’ base in the core courses, I was also able to satisfy my cravings for the social, philanthropic, and environmental realms through the great variety of courses and certificate programs offered. The opportunity to explore within my MBA changed my mind about the business world, which I previously viewed as stuffy and (yawn!) boring. – Caitlin

I loved the rigor of instruction with a strong emphasis on collaborative work and enjoyed the opportunity to apply in-school instruction with real-world situations.- Ezra

Source: Forbes The Best Business Schools

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How to Get What You Want…From Your Boss

I manipulate people every day – boss, spouse, friends, Starbucks staff, you name it. That might sound rude or mean, but I have news for you, you do the same thing. Some people might call it being two-faced or disingenuous, and there’s certainly a negative connotation associated with manipulation, some may even say it verges on the edge of coercion. But I like to think I use my power for good and not for evil. I’m not a sociopath – geeze! Here are some tried and true methods you can implement for getting what you want.

  1. Be a Good Human:
    As some wise quote once said, “just be nice.” Yeah, it’s Golden Rule-y, but it’s true. How do you feel when someone gives you a warm, “good morning”, with a smile or says how much they appreciate you? Feels good, don’t it? When you treat others with respect, consideration, and kindness, people generally respond in a positive way. So, to get more from people and have them continue to like you in the process, don’t be like these crazy animals…
  1. Actively Listen:
    It’s underrated, but being a good active listener goes a long way. It shows that you are engaged in the conversation and makes the other person feel like what they are saying is being heard, which helps in relationship building. So what can you do to be a good active listener? Body language – show you’re listening by make eye contact, facing the person speaking with you, and nodding when appropriate. Verbally – ask questions, especially open-ended ones, or paraphrase what was said to demonstrate understanding. Like this…
  1. Reciprocate:
    Reciprocity is a strong factor in human behavior. When you do something for someone they are more likely to feel like they “owe” you and will do something in return. Think, free samples, going out of your way at work to help a coworker, or campaign donations, hmmm. I’m not saying you need to start looking to collect IOUs, but when someone asks you for a little favor or you go out of your way to do something nice for someone else, it’s likely good things will come back to you. What goes around comes around…

So I say, be manipulative and get what you want! Just do it nicely, while listening, and doing for others.  Now that your a master of manipulation, gain more information on how to Move Up in Your Career.