AI Product Review: Amazon Echo “Alexa” (2nd Generation)

This is the 2nd generation version of Amazon Echo, an Artificial Intelligence device for the home, which responds by the name “Alexa”. Amazon Echo leverages the Bing search engine to lookup interesting facts. Amazon echo connects to a plethora of applications including: Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Pandora, Sirus Radio, NPR News, Spotify, Satellite Dish, and Uber.

Amazon Echo’s features are performed via voice commands. Here is a list some its features:

  • Ask about the Weather
  • Get updated on News events
  • Play Music
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Schedule Calendar Appointments
  • Set Reminders
  • Create Shopping Lists
  • Order items on
  • Order Pizza
  • Reserve an Uber
  • Turn on/off lights (with compatible wall plug ins, switches, and/or bulbs)
  • Control thermostat (with compatible thermostat box)
  • and more…


  • Voice Activated Assistant: These same tasks require time and user entry via a computer or a smart phone.
  • New features and apps are added all the time including: current movie showtimes, available Yelp reviews, and audio reading of Kindle books.


Amazon Echo still appears to have a lot of kinks to work out:

Check this out! Alexa lost her Voice!

Click the picture below to review the 8 common Amazon Echo problems.

8 common Amazon Echo problems – and how to fix them quickly


There has been a lot of concern about Amazon Echo listening to what you say. There is an option to hear all of the voice recordings and delete them.

Click the picture below to find out how to delete the Amazon echo recordings.

How to hear all your Amazon Echo recordings (and delete them too!)

Product Review:


I give Amazon Echo’s 2nd Generation “Alexa” 4 out of 5 stars. It has some cool features and connections to apps, which make common tasks much simpler and fun to execute through voice commands. Amazon still has a way to go with “Alexa” in improving the software bugs and connectivity issues as well as providing easier security controls for data privacy. Maybe the next generation of Amazon Echo will have these issues worked out. For now, there are work arounds to address these issues. Click on the links, under the cons and privacy sections, to review how.

Distribution Channels:

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