Digital Drinkers: What We Learned

We can taste the summer break, but first, watch our short film on what we learned during our Digital Marketing Competition. Hear from Lauren, David (groaning as he tries to hit a split), Melissa, and Sophia, as we recap this project and stretch our digital marketing knowledge to never-before-seen heights.

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-Team Digital Drinkers
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Is Trump Done?

After countless gaffes, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Here are 10  reasons why he’s alienating his voters:

  1. Is Trump Done?Prominent members of the Republican Party are saying that they don’t support Trump for President in the upcoming election. Instead they say they will support the Republican Party. If that’s true then who will they vote for?
  2. He contradicts himself at every corner. For example, in 2008 he stated that he was supporting Hillary Clinton and thought she would make an excellent President. Now he uses socially inappropriate language to say the exact opposite about Clinton.
  3. He has made derogatory comments about every protected class. If you affiliate with even one of these federal protected classes: race, color, religion or creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information, non-US citizenship–then Trump has made fun of you.
  4. As a woman, if you want the right to choose what you do with your body–a vote for Trump will ruin that. If you want to be judged by your mind and/or personality, and do not want to be objectified by your body–do not vote for Trump.
  5. He has zero restraint. Hillary Clinton threw shade at Trump during her acceptance speech with “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” Hours after this statement Trump still couldn’t help himself by going on a twitter rant about fallen soldier’s father, Khizr Khan.
  6. He lacks accurate information. How exactly is Trump going to fix all of our problems? Your guess is as good the next person because he hasn’t given any details on his plans except to just trust him that he has all the answers.
  7. His love for dictators. He has praised a variety of infamous world leaders such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.
  8. His business credibility is questionable. Trump has had four bankruptcies and the turmoil behind Trump University isn’t going away. Whether he passes the buck to someone else to blame for these or he’s not that good of a businessman as he says he is, the point is whether we-as US citizens-want to take that risk with our economy.
  9. Is the press REALLY at fault? He blames the press for blowing his comments out of proportion but his direct quotes are rarely taken out of context. He’s really saying all of these ludicrous quotes! It’s making news because everyone is in awe of how ridiculous his comments are.
  10. Google: ‘Angry fear mongering language,’ Trump is listed in some of the top links. Are you a citizen that is motivated by unity or by fear? Enough said.

Ultimate video on Trump contradictions:

For More Political Debate: RNC vs. DNC


How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Taking your dog to the vet to have his or her teeth cleaned can be a real nightmare. Anesthesia can have negative complications and the whole process can be really expensive. But here’s how you can solve that problem — just brush your dog’s teeth yourself. Piece of cake, right?!

Some tips for getting your dog to come running for the toothbrush:

  • It takes time. Try small steps. First, just show your dog the toothbrush. Next time, just open your dog’s mouth. Then, brush a front tooth. And so on…until your dog is comfortable with the tooth brushing experience.
  • Positive reinforcement. It helps to reward your dog with treats or praise during each step. She sniffs the toothbrush, “good girl!” She lets you open her mouth – 2 treats!

Brushing your dog’s teeth may not keep plaque and tartar from building up entirely, but can significantly reduce the buildup between professional cleanings. And that can save you time, money, and risks to your pups health. Happy brushing!

Try that with a cat!  😉

5 Reasons Dog Videos are BETTER than Cat Videos!

Dog’s Having a Ton of Fun!


5 Reasons Dog Videos Are Better Than Cat Videos

We all know cat videos. Funny, fuzzy, kind of cute.  Sure they rule the internet.  But dog videos are so much better!  For proof just look at this video of Dogs Having a Grand Old Time!  But to clearly prove our case, let’s take a look at the exact reasons:

  1. Cats are jerks. Let’s face it, cats have their own agenda. And if you happen to get in the way of it, they do things like pee on your bed, or scratch up your furniture (sometimes they do that anyway.) Do you really want to watch cats being jerks, does that make you feel better?
  2. Dogs are loving and loyal. When you come home they are SOOOO happy to see you, and not just because you are feeding them. And do you see stories about how cats try to rescue their owners? No.
  3. Cats don’t care about you. People who think their cats love them are fooling themselves. Cats love getting fed, and petted, and left alone when they want to be left alone. What cats are really thinking?
  4. Dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves. You don’t have to guess what makes dogs happy; playing, attention, food.
  5. Dogs are cuter than cats. I know, it’s a controversial statement. But check out this video and you will see I am right!

    Now if you want to see something truly amazing, check out this video of a dog getting it’s teeth brushed!

Nothing But Dogs Having A Grand Old Time

IMG_9533You work with the same awesome team long enough and you start to realize it’s no coincidence that you all like a lot of the same things. Including this bizarre quirk that our dogs all share when they get really excited.

Presenting…nothing but dogs rolling around having a grand old time!
(See links below the video for more awesome dog videos)

More dog videos? More dog videos!

How to brush your dog’s teeth

5 reasons why Dogs are better than Cats

How to Survive (and Thrive) in a Professional MBA Program

I’m writing this with being 2 short weeks away from completing my MBA at Willamette.

Throughout the two years in the program, at times, I’ve worked more than 100 hours in a single week between my various jobs and a full credit load.

It’s amazing how formal education can be either the catalyst for growth (in all parts of your life) or make you feel helpless. What will make or break you is how you set yourself up for success. Currently, I’m enrolled in three courses (more than the average load), working multiple jobs and still having a great time. Don’t get me wrong – at times it feels like a death march.

Treepose8 Tips for Surviving (and Thriving) in an MBA Program

1) Get a Hobby

One of the first interview questions I was asked in the interview for Willamette’s MBA Program was, “What are your hobbies?” Seems odd, right? What could this have to do with my ability to be successful in an MBA program.

The answer: A LOT.

I have a hobby that forces me to be social, and present. Because most of the time, I’m putting other people’s lives in my hands.


Whether your hobby is a sport or not, having other people on your team or to practice with will keep you motivated and on track. After an 16 hour day comprised of 8-10 hours at work and a 4 hour night class, you need something to look forward to during the week.

2) Take on more, set goals. 

How sad would it to be to complete your MBA degree and feel like you’ve otherwise stagnated as a person? Wouldn’t you rather look back on this time as a period of immense growth? You might call me crazy here, but the saying could not be more true:

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”

Keeping busy will only increase your capacity. More importantly, having other goals will help you keep school in perspective. How much does it matter you got a “C” on that one marketing midterm? Not much in the grand scheme. But it can feel like your world is coming to an end if you don’t have other things you’re working towards.

My goals during this MBA program: strength and flexibility. Some of these achievements (like getting my splits) occurred even while studying.

splits and studying

3) Make sleep a priority.

There will be nights (and weeks) when that’s not possible. Take time each week to catch up on sleep at least one or two nights. During this program I averaged 4-6 hours on bad nights. For the most part though, I got 7-8 hours of sleep a night. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.26.46 AMAnd this was with working full-time, my hobby, friends, teaching, and taking a full credit load. It is possible, I promise.

4) Put pride aside. 

Know your network, and ask for help. An MBA is going to force you to learn about every field of business, so get to know your classmates (or cohort). Know their strengths and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t worry – when it comes to your subject of expertise, you’ll be able to return the favor. 

Also understand your personal network. Never be shy about asking for help because the worst case scenario is that they say no. Not so bad, right?

5) Be selective about who you give your time to.

The people who stick by you through these 2 years will be your best friends and life partners. My cohort alone had 3 marriage proposals during the program. Something in the water? Perhaps.

Getting through any program and working will test your willpower. People who are takers (emotionally and mentally) will stick out like sore thumbs, know when to cut your losses.

6) Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

Put your perfectionist ways to sleep because they’ll kill you in graduate school. I’m saying this as a long-term Type A “it must be perfect” personality. Trust me. You may think that is sustainable at first but it will catch up with you and eat away hours you could be sleeping.

Though, this may be taking efficiency too far. Bath studying…it’s a thing.


7) Prepare for the week.

Set yourself up for success every night. Do your meal prep and plan days in advance. Schedule your week: block off 1-2 hour time slots for homework. Stick to it. This is an easy way to get more efficient. Studies show that after 2 hours of working or studying the same topic, productivity drops dramatically.

8) Enjoy it.

This is probably the last time in your adult life you’ll have the luxury of learning in a controlled environment, where your job doesn’t depend on it.

Happy bending  studying!

Melissa Barker

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National Sleep Foundation (n.d.). “How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?” Retrieved on 25, July 2016, from:


What are the effective steps in order to increase your audience in LinkedIn?

More often these days social media is playing an enormously important role in everyone’s life. Some of them are good for friendship and some are for more professional communication.
With LinkedIn creating formal and business networking is simple. LinkedIn has become an important feature for companies to reach out to customers and effective way to do digital marketing.
Here are some key steps you can take in consideration when you desire a higher rating.
1-Profile picture
Your profile picture is the first thing that will grab attention. You want to select an image that will represent you in best and most effective way. A picture that is closest to your personality or your business characteristic.
You don’t want to be too serious or too crazy. It is good to show balance.

2-Start networking
Start connecting and networking with your colleagues, ex-colleagues, classmates. Spend a few minutes sending a personalized invitation. LinkedIn provides standard templates, but it’s always appreciated by recipients when you add a little personal touch to it.

3-Proofread your profile
You may have brilliant content and excellent achievements, but you have grammatical mistakes in your profile. This probably would not get good feedback from your customer or audience.

4-Use keywords
Like google search, you need to do research and find out what words will guide the LinkedIn search engine to your page. Find effective and important keywords and use them in your content.

5-Clarify segments
You need to clarify what segment you going to target. Focus on that group. Make sure you know your segments taste as a picture you use or writing style you prefer.
If your audience is young or teenagers you want to include more colors and happy pictures with an average level of writing. But if you targeting mothers or housewife, zoom in on house or family bonds.

It is not hard to be successful. It is important to use tools around yourself more effectively.

Eric’s Final Post

Thanks for stopping by We’ve had fun and learned a lot of things while creating blog posts for the site, all in the name of higher education. Oh, and competition – we can’t forget about competition.

There are a lot of posts from Team Medellin on the blog site, so I hope you’ll take some time to look through some of my teammates’ posts. I’ve copied links for a few of the key posts below.


Assignment #1: Comment on a current event

The post that kicked off our team’s efforts:

My first post for the team:

Assignment #2: Find a marketing blog post, comment on the post, and then contact the authors

As a team, we were trying to figure out who was going to post what and when. Here’s our post for the second assignment:

Assignment #3: type some words into Google search, then answer a question that is comprised of search results.

In class, we analyzed a case on direct marketing of pharmaceuticals, so I decided to do more research about the subject. I summarized what I found – and there is a lot more information on the topic – in this post: