Decoration ideas for your Vespa

Looking for ideas to decorate your Vespa?  Vespa already comes in beautiful colors.  However, for those wishing to personalize their Vespa, here are some creative ideas.

The images below were collected from Pinterest and the Vespa museum.

1. Stripes:  There are many style options. Some options include: thin or thick stripes, single stripes and/or multiple colors combination.

2. Initial or luck numbers:  The idea is a mix of stripes with personalized letters or numbers.

3. Polka Dots:  Do you love polka dots? Simply add colored dots to the existing base color.

4. Floral:  This style is very feminine.  The beautiful design will make you feel like it’s spring all year long.

5. Animal Prints:  These animal prints will make you stand out on a crowded street.

6. Patriotic:  Do you love your country?  Show some pride!

7. Camo:  Do you want to blend into the background?  This camo style will make you feel like the soldier you already are.

8. Checker pattern:  Do you like board games?  You will stand out with one of these checkered patterns.

9. Cartoon:  Show your inner child! Was Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob or Tweety your childhood’s favorite cartoon character? Check this out…

10. Unrestricted pattern (free/arts form):  Do you want to be even more creative?  Make your Vespa a work of art!

He Was Raised by a Family of Wolves… READ MORE!


Click baiting is a form of social media marketing where the advertisers use catchy descriptions or sensationalism in order to lure the users to click on them, thereby generating revenues (as per the ‘pay per click’ model). Sometimes, they also use catchy photos or video snippets for the purpose.

“you will never drink coca cola you see this video” or “what this girl did will blow your mind away”… etc.

Another form of click baiting can be attractive subject lines to spam mails in the mail boxes, something like “winning a lottery” or “this is an offer just for you” etc.

Click baits are quite common in social media. The basic concept of ‘clickbait’ is to create a melodramatic title for an online article so as to manipulate people into clicking the link and reading the content. Honestly, clickbait is a smart idea for publicity but, the way it has taken over social media over bland content is quite annoying.

Clickbait uses phrases like:

  • You won’t believe this…
  • This [xxxxx] will change your life
  • With this one weird trick…
  • This [xxxxx] will restore your faith in humanity
  • …you won’t believe what happens next.
  • 17 secrets [xxxxx] don’t want you to know
  • [xxxxx] Companies/Professionals hate this trick
  • How one woman made $$$ in her bedroom
  • The 15 fakest/worst/most terrifying…
  • Lose 15 kg in 3 months with this natural product
  • The hot new [xxxxx] everyone is talking about
  • Five features [xxxxx] power users don’t know about
  • 20 Signs You’re actually a [xxxxx]

All content publishers are occasionally guilty of using clickbait in the battle to engage users and gain advertising income.
Below are 9 categories of click baits commonly found in our social media with examples. Watch out for number 8! It’s quite interesting!

1. Shocking/ amazing/ unbelievable results
Amazing! Elk Defends Herd From Photographer

This type of clickbait headline works in two parts. The first part explains the plot which is usually very catchy. The second part says that there is more to the plot and that the outcome is quite astonishing. The bait lies in the second part because it challenges our imagination power by using the phrases like: ‘…You won’t believe…’, ‘…shocking result’, ‘…too good to be true’ etc.

2. Celebrity gossip
Remember Heidi Kum’s Daughter? Take A Deep Breath Before You See How…

Enough said!

3. Mysterious stories
Behind “The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 2’s Secretly Most Important Character

They are the most common ones. They make readers get interested in someone else’s life but, in a very convincing manner.

4. Instances of people’s stupidity on social media
People Doing Things That Will Ruin Your Faith in Humanity

We all like fun of other people. It makes us feel superior and intelligent. Posts like this always get a lot of view and truth be told, they are fun to read!

5. A challenge to your IQ
Can You Score More Than 13 In This “Harry Potter” Higher Or Lower Quiz?

Honestly, I have been fooled by this type of clickbait not once, not twice but many times.  But, who is to blame?… some of these questions are interesting to solve, whereas, mot of them are simple 3rd grade mathematics.  “Only the people with an IQ above 160 can solve these questions. Are you one of them? Click to find out…” I’m a 100% sure that I don’t have an IQ over 160 but, I have solved dozens of questions that say so!

6. Tricky stuff
How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on Science

They use the term ‘simple tricks’ to attract more viewers. …and after you open the link, this is what you see:

  1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Maintain a positive attitude

I mean…Come on!!!

7. The fear inducing stuff
A Must Watch for Anyone Who Stays in Hotels

They are as manipulative as the number 2, but they use the ‘fear’ element and this type of clickbait is targeted towards a specific group of people.

…the five things that they mention are:

  • He/she does not have time for you
  • He/she gets irritated on simple things
  • He/she avoids your calls
  • He/she goes to ‘business trips’ more often
  • He/she changes his phone number one too many times

And each of these five things are placed on separate pages so, you have to navigate through 5 pages to get this rare valuable information! How cool!

8. The list with a jewel stuff!
15+ Hilarious Tweets About Married Life That Perfectly Sum Up Marriage

The content is generally composed of a long list among which one (the second last or the third last one but, not the last one) is claimed to be the ‘most interesting one’ or a ‘jewel’ in the title.

You thought this number was something special eh? Sorry! That was just a bait 🙂

9. Sports gossip
The 25 Most Unbelievable Sports FACTS!

There are a lots of news articles in football pages which have a controversial title but simple content.

Life Sentences: The Grammar of Clickbait!

Saga Digital Marketing Blog


How to Reach People to Grow Your Business


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The Gen Z Frontier: Digital Marketing for Digital Natives

DIFFERENTIATE to “Build Your Brand”

If you are looking to champion your new product or service and want to utilize digital marketing strategies to do so, we have a few tips to consider for best results. Together, these steps speak to the concept of “building your brand”, the root of them all is the process of differentiation.

The Steps to Differentiate to “Build Your Brand”:

To do this well, it is important to first examine and understand who the competitors are. What are they doing or are not doing on social media? Why is that working or not working? What are the perceptions of the viewership? How does this affect the approach you will take? Carefully evaluate the actions your competitors are doing. In order to play successful offense, a strong defense is always critical.

Second, simply identify your value proposition. Is it worth it? Why is it desirable? What factors about the needs and wants of your target audience are being met in your value proposition? Brownie points for positively distinguishing it from competitors. Long-term success hinges on positive messages. A negative message might capture a majority “gasp” effect, but will quickly fade like any fad. Does the value proposition differentiate your brand from others? How will your competitors react?  Once your value proposition is clear to you, it will be that much more understood by your targeted audience.

Third, communicate the value to customers with creative and tailored media content. Videos, pictures, GIF’s, engaging surveys, games, competitions, etc. Study what grabs the attention of your target audience and use it your advantage. By taking into consideration the first point, you will start to understand what works for your target audience.

Next step, which is super critical, is to make sure your value claims are legitimate, or other words build trust with your audience. This can be executed and interpreted in various ways. Consider researching and achieving credentials or certifications that speak to your target audience. People trust validated sources much quicker than non-validated ones. Another route is building a following for your brand. Reach out and connect with your targeted segment to make sure they know your brand. Allow them to test it and encourage them to share their feedback. Word of mouth is one of the best social marketing tools out there!

Finally, make sure to consider in a very detailed fashion, how you are portraying information to your audience. What about your tactics speak to or identify, or highlight your brand and its’ characteristics? Are these being upheld through your communication strategies? Are the platforms you promote on the same ones your target audience uses? A small wrong move here could severely hurt the perceptions of your brand. Basically, do your research before you communicate. For example,  you may find that flooding the internet on every social media platform “to get the word out” may damage your brand based on perceptions your target audience encompasses.

If you are interested to learn more about building your brand, we have a few more articles that discuss creative ways to do so:

New Queer Eye, more product placement… But is that a bad thing?

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New Queer Eye, more product placement… But is that a bad thing?

With their newly released second season, Queer Eye is putting fashion reality TV back on the map. If you haven’t binge watched Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye, do it. Now. Seriously, stop reading and at least watch the first season’s fourth episode, ‘To Gay or Not Too Gay’, then come back and finish reading this article (after grabbing some tissues).

For those of you that have not yet experienced the fabulousness of the newly rebooted Queer Eye, you really need to give it a shot. The Guardian went so far to say that the new Queer Eye is “definitely the best TV show to premiere so far this year and one of the most important TV shows for a long, long time.”

Yes, Jonathan, yes I can!

But not everyone is singing Queer Eye’s praises. Several reviews Netflix’s adaptation have revisited some of the major issues with the 2000s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, specifically calling out the obvious use product placement, a reoccurring criticism of the original and an early critique to the reboot. But how much substance is there to this perspective? Is it just a nit-pick aimed at stirring controversy with this darling series? I’ll let Jonathan answer this last one:

Product placement, or embedded marketing, has been around probably as long as marketing, but really became a recognized marketing approach with the introduction of film. Television emerged as a new media outlet primarily bankrolled by many consumer product companies and brands. Ever wonder where the term ‘soap opera’ came from? That’s right, early product placement!

Ok, so there is definitely some product placement going on here with Queer Eye. But what actually is the problem with product placement? Product placement becomes negative in two major ways: when it is so blatant that it is disruptive to storytelling and when honesty comes into question regarding the placement. Is Jonathan really a huge fan of Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist or is he just saying that because they pay those bills?

But there is also an opportunity that emerges with product placement in a show like Queer Eye. The show clearly states its mission in comparison to the 2000s version: “the original show was fighting for tolerance. Our fight it for acceptance”. With consumer products aligning their brand with a mission like this, they are not only getting exposure to a target market, they are also expressing value alignment. Product placement in Queer Eye gives brands the opportunity to show their support for the LGBTQ communities in a unique way, while financially supporting this shows approach for dialogue during divisive times and pursuit of mutual understanding, acceptance and community. While of course bringing some fab makeover entertainment simultaneous! So, can we ease up on the product placement critiques just a bit?

Stop mouse depression with this one WEIRD trick!

Hi Oregon, USA!

If you never want to be fooled by this kind of click bait again… you need to read This article!

If that’s not enough of a reason.

Here’s how one dad from Portland keeps clickbait away from his kids! (Not a Sinclair Broadcasting link… we promise.)



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11 Reasons We’re Too Dumb to Resist Clickbait

First… a little psychology:

From: “The Quad” – 11 Reasons We’re Too Dumb to Resist Clickbait



More from the team:

Picking a fitness app that respects your privacy

5 Best Marketing Tools of 2018

In Business School, All Sex is in Public?

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Weather affecting your Marketing Campaign?

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Portland dad saves his kid from clickbait… see HOW!

We promise… this isn’t the Oregonian, and you’re not being fooled into clicking on random ads.

This post on Reddit is actually pretty cool if you didn’t know to teach your kids to not click on the youtube channel:



More from the team:

Picking a fitness app that respects your privacy

5 Best Marketing Tools of 2018

In Business School, All Sex is in Public?

Digital Marketing for Dummies

Weather affecting your Marketing Campaign?

Social Media Marketing…Start your own business!

GDPR! Am I too late?

Targeting iGen…Marketing to the Next Generation!