Visuals are Worth a Thousand Words

Parents embrace pictures of family fun, especially when they relate to things to do. When picking out a new place to take your young ones in Salem this summer, be sure to view an image of where you are going.  

Pictures deliver a stronger message than words when introducing a new product.  This goes the same for services, like recreation. When families are involved, companies are wise to use images that portray happiness and togetherness.

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Op-Ed: From Legalization to Normalization


Expanding Legalization Starts with Ending the Stigma

As of this writing, there are 29 states plus Washington, D.C. with medical cannabis and 9 states with full legalization.  However, almost universally there is still a stigma attached to cannabis use.  Stemming from the U.S. government’s war on hemp, the demonization of the herb has spread throughout the entire world.  

People who smoke marijuana are not bad people, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions implies.  In my experiences, its usually quite the opposite.  Whether this correlation is causal or in what direction the causality occurs is debatable.

When I lived in Texas, I was prescribed five different medications at the same time to fight a number of mental issues.  I struggled with anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder.  However, all the brand name pharmaceuticals they put me on could not relieve the root of the issue.  The pills actually exacerbated my conditions, subjecting my loved ones to watch as I slipped closer to the edge.

As soon as I graduated (with a 2.5 GPA) from Texas A&M, I moved to Colorado.  I had an intuitive sense that cannabis might be the solution to my problems.  I quit the prescription medication and replaced it with a medical marijuana card.  And suddenly, I began to prosper.

Now I use cannabis every day to relieve my multitude of mental and physical symptoms, replacing my $800 per month pharmaceutical bill.  I now maintain a 4.0 GPA in graduate school, work in a field I am passionate about, and am a more fulfilled person than ever before.  And I am not a unique case – it is easy to find people who have benefitted from cannabis in one way or another.

It is time to change the stigma.  People of all walks of life benefit from cannabis use – small business owners, musicians, accountants, yoga teachers.  People like me who are successful members of society should no longer have their lives negated by the fact they smoke weed.  Private cannabis use should not automatically prevent you from working the job you want.  Public cannabis use should be regulated the same as cigarette use – with designated smoking areas away from children and entrances.  

I believe that as a society we need to take steps to ensure that our citizens who follow the law are not punished anymore for the past century of prosecution.  Cannabis has come a long way in the past 20 years, but it still has a long way to go.  All we can do is work in our own lives to help end the stigma.  Come out of the shadows as a loud and proud cannabis aficionado and share our stories with the world.

*Here at TrekLink we like to take a look at various marketing tactics companies use to relay their message.  One of the best ways to provide opinion in the form of readable content is to write an op-ed piece, often about a hot button issue.  This provides click-bait for a company, as well as a (sometimes) subtle advertisement.*

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Celebrating Local Brewery Culture

Family Building Blocks held their second annual beer fest called Untapped down at the Salem Capitol Mall. They used social media to promote this event to great success, creating an event on Facebook to drive awareness. This fundraiser for Family Building Blocks, celebrating the culture of local breweries and restaurants, and promoting a strong and united community to “Keep Children Safe and Families Together.”

Local breweries, restaurants and local bands in attendance, were all tagged in the event post, for cross promotion purposes. Social media can drive awareness of events and get people out to the events. Look how it worked for Untapped.

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The Forgotten Gem of Transportation

Can the Segway solve Salem’s transportation issues? With the Segway miniPro, A convenient, economical mode of transportation is available and starting to take hold in the Salem community. Whether it’s parking downtown, traveling over the West Salem bridge, or getting you and your dogs across town, the Segway might just be the answer.

A fellow Salemite was spotted going from point A to point B, while keeping his dogs off the hot pavement.

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Think Wax: A Prelude to Summer Cruising

Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax

Summer in Salem means warm days, cool nights, and lots of recreation.  

Unfortunately, it also brings the dirt, sun, and tree sap.  

Protecting your car’s paint with a coat of wax is essential.  Whether you are cruising over to Bend for the weekend or offroading in Tillamook State Forest, be sure to check out Meguiar’s for all of your vehicle’s cosmetic needs.

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Summer Fun in Salem, Oregon

There are countless opportunities for social media to provide a positive influence for businesses. We have compiled a list of the recreational industries that are utilizing social media to get the word out in Salem. If you are looking for something to do in the Willamette Valley this summer, be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms.

Elizabeth Infante at Barrel and Keg. Restaurants and Bars use social media to showcase their selection of ciders and beer and promote tastings and other events. When searching of a six pack, be sure to check Facebook for the availability of your favorite brews. B&K has a knowledgable staff and great selection, plus they are dog-friendly! – Barrel and Keg

Reed Warner at Rogue Brewery, Independence, Oregon.  Rogue uses social media to attract visitors to their farm. Families and friends enjoy relaxing here in the beautiful Oregon summer weather, while learning a little bit about Rogue and the ingredients used in their products. – RogueFarmsHopyard

Raymond Penney at the Salem capitol mall, a hot spot for city wide events including: Winter Brewfest, Hoopla and Cherry Blossom Day. Social media is an integral part of the strategy to get people to these events. -OregonCapitol









Brett’s dogs, Libby and Hank at Minto-Brown Island Park in Salem, Oregon, a large municipal park with an off-leash area for our rambunctious rascals. Government managed parks use social media to advertise events, hours of operation, coordinate volunteers, as well as raise awareness on relevant issues surrounding the use of the park, like sea turtle hatching season and water advisories. – Minto-Brown-Island-Park

Brett Moore outside Homegrown Oregon Cannabis dispensary in Salem Oregon. Social media marketing is important for dispensaries due to the fact that legalized cannabis is a brand new market in the 21st century. The retail landscape is bloated with the “green rush” – in Denver, there are more dispensaries than Starbucks. Social media is a way to differentiate your store through brand awareness and deal advertising.

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Visuals are Worth a Thousand Words

Celebrating Local Brewery Culture

Think Wax: A Prelude to Summer Cruising

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