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You were lead here because we are in the midst of a competition in our Marketing Strategies class in the MBA for Professionals program at Willamette University. We are working professionals by day and by night we parrttaaayyyy.

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Learn about Laura’s life changing decision

Find out why driving an electric car makes you a prime MBA suspect . (er -we meant candidate* not suspect.. ha.. Also, this was written by the Oil Tycoon! Who woulda thought!)

Or maybe you hate the idea of going back to school? Trust us, we TOTALLY get it. So here’s 5 reasons you should NOT get an MBA. (you are definitely going to want to read this one.. so make sure to click that link.. Just, click it. Go a head.. It’s really funny!!!)

PS: All is fair in love and war? Er- marketing? Right? 😉

8 Unique & Profitable Business Ideas you can launch for FREE!

It’s the dawn of the side hustle and almost everyone has one these days. But what about launching a real business? One that can take you from 0 to 6 figures in no time? And what if you have no money to invest?

It’s your lucky day because we have narrowed down the best and cheapest business ideas you can launch today for CHEAP or FREE.

1. Resume Writer

It’s a task pretty much everyone hates and a rare few are good at. Even if you think your resume is far from great, chances are someone out there will pay you to don there’s. As you get better and quicker your resume charging power will grow.

You could charge anywhere between $20-$100 dollars an hour, or a flat fee. Getting started is free and easy on sites like and Or, launch your own website and keep the money all for yourself! Advertise on Reddit, Instagram, your friends and family! Word of mouth spreads quickly. This is also a good side hustle and that you can launch while working your day gig and then build up into a full time income quick.

2. Meal Planning Service

Everyone loves food. Which means the target market for a Meal Planning service company is HUGE. Like our appetite!

It’s super simple to create a free website and start advertising yourself and your meal planning services. You can create a subscription based service where you provide a new meal plan each week (complete with a shopping list for extra value) or create a package of pre made meal plans for a variety of dietary preferences. Once you have these packages made it’s just a matter of advertising and then you have got yourself a nice little passive income stream that could turn into some big mullah.

3. Referral Services

Are you the person who your friends and family constantly call when they want to know a good restaurant, a decent house sitter, or a honest lawyer? Even if you have trouble referring that last one (oxymoron, we know) you could still make a decent paycheck if you made your expertise into a legitimate business. Here’s how we see it working:

  • Start a list of business’s in your area that you want on your referal list.
  • Reach out to the businesses and sell the benefits of being on your list
  • Place ads on Facebook (local city groups are great for free publicity) and to your friends and family that you have this service.
  • Soon enough you will have businesses reaching out to you to be on your list and willing to pay good money!

5. Extensive Travel Planning

While many may think that the “travel agencies” of the past are long done for, you may want to think again. Brick and mortar travel agencies may have a hard time surviving but digital nomad experts have a niche skill that those strapped with no time are still waiting to pay big bucks for.

The ‘wanderlust” influence of the internet is apparent everywhere you look on social media (yes we all want to be in Bali…). Young and old professionals alike are saving up their PTO to take extended out of country trips. The thing is, they often don’t have the time to plan an itinerary for a three week backpacking trip through Asia. But if it’s your business and you have the travel savvy you can make a killing planning these trips for them!

6. Child Proofing Services

Every family with a newborn baby or small child wants to provide a safe home for them. There are so many areas of a home that can be dangerous, from sharp corners to stairs. A childproofing business is very cheap to start up, but you may be required to follow certain state regulations, depending on your location. However, if you can get down a quick and easy system, you could easily take on staff that could do the dirty work for you. Or you could put together an Ebook instruction manual for new parents.

7. Tour Guide

Live in a happening city? Offer tours or sell guide packages. Set yourself apart by offering tours that speak to a specific niche of your community’s history. Some tour guides offer historical walking tours of their town’s most haunted spots while others curate guided foodie tours for guests to get a true taste of the city.

8. Product/Business Reviewer

Startups or individuals usually look for people who can write reviews for their products or services to encourage the audience to make a purchase. If you love to write and looking for online business ideas, then this can be a great option. You can either get started with a profile on freelancing websites or contact companies directly.

You can write reviews for them in exchange for a monetary reward by becoming an influencer. Even better, if you have your own website or a blog, you can write a post about their products. Its highly recommended to read some studies, guides & blogs before trying your hand in product/business reviewing.

We hope one of these ideas has ignited some inspiration in you to start something of your own! If you have never ran a business before or you think you may need to brush up on some existing skills before going global then check out the Willamette MBA program.

Or maybe not… Here’s a list of reasons why you SHOULDNT get an MBA.. h

Electric Car Owners should get MBAs.

Let’s look at the current automotive industry, which really has not changed the platform of the car or truck in decades.   Yes, like people today cars and trucks come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, options and accessories. There are still four wheels, a steering wheel, and a driver.  People who get the MBA are the latest greatest in features, efficiency, power, and fuel economy.


As a driver you tell the vehicle what to do and it responds to the instructions its given. The driver must be alert and ready for whatever lies ahead.  Much like your current job and career path. You as the driver make the decisions that affect your future. You zigged when you should have zagged. When you drive, are you focused or are you easily distracted by music, phones, other people’s driving? These are questions you need to ask yourself. As a professional are you focused on your career path/ tradecraft or are you interested in more of the social interactions.

What makes you better than the other cars/ people, around you? What features/ traits do you have that make you the best choice? Are you looking at the short road or the long road?

If you are looking at the short road then a gas-powered vehicle is for you. It is consistent with proven technology and in comparison to vehicles from 30 years ago, still more efficient. Then you have the electric car. Electric cars are becoming more and more forward thinking, evolving at a much faster rate in efficiency and operation.

Much like the electric car by having your MBA you are forward thinking and continually evolving to be more efficient and leave less of a wake behind you. This is exactly what employers are looking for! They are looking for low maintenance and highly efficient people that can problem solve and have the ability to evolve to new technology.   


Today as cars and trucks are reducing the number of cylinders and introducing the turbo charger, super charger or both in the power platform gas & diesel fueled engines, they are more powerful and efficient than ever. The cost is also on the rise for big power in a small package. But little progress has been made in true fuel economy and return on investment.

This is where the electric cars are making the biggest difference. The upfront cost is less with a conventional gas-powered car or truck but long term when you look at maintenance, like oil changes, transmission services, power steering and fuels system service, the costs add up. This is all delayed cost of ownership.  Now, when we are all starting out with our first vehicle purchase, low cost is the goal. With an electric vehicle the upfront cost is much higher (like double), but the post cost of ownership is reduced and the energy (your fuel) consumption is smaller.

As you put mileage on your conventional gas-powered vehicle the value decreases and it becomes less desirable. It is proven that those with an MBA get paid more up front and hold their value. Employers get a better return on investment. Like an electric vehicle the energy/time in which the employer has to maintain and spend on managing you is minimal because like most electric vehicles, you self-program/ adapt to your driver’s habits.


We all have purchased a pre-owned or new vehicle. Or maybe you are saving for one. After you make that purchase, do you feel you got a good value for what you paid?  In your mind you do, for a while anyway. The vehicle is your asset that loses value year over year and month over month. The cars and trucks today run longer and harder than ever before. By choosing to purchase electric you are making a choice for better return on investment (ROI). Electric cars hold their value because of the forward thought placed in the engineering, design and cost of ownership. This also applies to your career and life in general.  Are the choices you are making to further yourself giving you an improved ROI? If not, then it’s time to consider a Willamette MBA or MBA for working professionals program. Your value will increase and continue to yield a high return for you, your peers, and your employers.

In hopes that I have sold you on earning your MBA, you’ll can make more money to purchase your electric car.   Please stop by and see your friendly Austrian body builder salesman and Kick Gas.

In Full Discloser, I do work for big oil and this was satire =) for my MBA marketing class.

Just another Life Changing decision…

It took all of two weeks to make the decision to apply for Willamette University’s Master of Business Administration for Professionals. Yes, this decision probably warranted a little more thought: an increase of $75,000+ in student loans, 8 hours a week in night class, and the evenings after work completing assignments, readings, and group projects. But I knew that these 3 letters on my business card would have a huge impact on my career and my life.

“I knew that these 3 letters on my business card would have a huge impact on my career and my life.”

I graduated from Oregon State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This too was a hasty decision (I’m seeing a trend) but one that has placed me in the fast track to an amazing career. I work at US Bank in the Commercial department as a Relationship Manager. My job entails building relationships with business owners, providing financing for working capital needs and capital projects, and making sure that their banking compliments their business.

I don’t work the typical “banker’s hours” but rather schedule my day around my clients’ availability and the community event calendar. Sometimes that means starting at 7 am so I can prepare for an 8 am meeting in the next city over or beginning my day a little later because I have a gala to attend and anticipate a late night. It keeps me on my feet, or should I say pumps, and allows me to utilize my social skills and my accounting knowledge.

My cohort consists of 18 professionals that work in varying industries: from working in HR at a retirement facility to operating a family owned petroleum distribution company. Working on group projects and participating in in-class discussions with people that have such different perspectives and real-world experiences expands your thinking and your approach to problem solving/solution creation. THIS is why I chose [so quickly] to begin my MBA journey. The unexpected and out-of-the-box thinking that is encouraged and nurtured in the MBA program gives me an edge over my competition. I am able to partner with my clients and support their businesses over and above just their banking.

” In the first year, I’ve been able to try on the hats of HR Manager, Organizational Psychologist, Accountant, CFO/Financial Planner, Data Analyst, and Marketer/strategist. “

In just the first year, I’ve been able to try on the hats of HR Manager, Organizational Psychologist, Accountant, CFO/Financial Planner, Data Analyst, and Marketer/strategist. This allows me to take on a holistic approach to address client concerns and I am able to engage in conversations with business owners (other than banking conversations) that I otherwise wouldn’t feel comfortable having. I see a bright future ahead of me and all it takes is $75,000 dollars, 8 hours of class time, and homework. Amortized over 30 years at 6% interest, that’s only $500 a month! See! You’re already learning something…free of charge.

But…maybe it’s not for you. Here are 5 Reasons an MBA is NOT for you.

5 Reasons You SHOULDN’T get an MBA.

We get it. Life is busy. Families are important. Time is as limited as most people’s budgets. The decision to enroll in the MBA for Professionals program at Willamette can be a tough one for many working professionals.

We decided to help those of you who may be on the fence of enrolling. We have put together five reasons that perhaps may mean you SHOULDN’T get an MBA with Willamette…

1. Becoming your bosses’ boss

You’re busy, you know that. Your boss is busy. With the knowledge and tools, you gain while earning your MBA at Willamette, you will not be taking your bosses’ position, but your bosses’ bosses’ position. With an MBA from Willamette, you might end up stuck with that big fancy office, YUCK! Imagine in two years from now having to sit your current boss down to talk about their performance? Phew, are you ready for that?

2. That pool boy though

With all of those promotions, you will be making a lot more money. So much so that you will buy your own pool. That pool will require regular maintenance of course, which is no problem because you will have the money for it. Then your family and friends come over to swim, and they will be talking about your new pool boy. Are you ready to be the type of person who has casual conversations about their private pool?

3. All of those rejection letters

Moving up that quickly within your organization has to have people talking… about the awards and recognition that you deserve. So much so, that other organizations will be interested in having you work for them. You will be getting job offers for things you didn’t even apply for. Can you handle turning down people for positions over and over again?

4. What would your future self tell you to do?

Doing an MBA program is a lot of work, especially while still working your current job. If you met your future self who didn’t do an MBA they would probably say “No, don’t challenge yourself. Everything stayed the same and that is how I wanted it to be. Oh, besides a machine will take your job in 3 years.”

5. Could you handle it?

A Willamette MBA is ranked consistently as the best MBA in the state of Oregon. That in turn means you will have the best educators, with the toughest classes in the state. This prepares you to be the for any and all types of business. Are you ready for that?

Still not convinced? You are in the right place then. Check out the endless other posts here on the SocialMBA, all written by current MBA students. Your future network of alums!

Oh and that reminds us.. one more reason you might not want to to enroll in the MBA program for professionals..

Bonus Reason) All those lifelong friends you make…

After spending two years with your cohort you undoubtedly will walk away with at least a few (if not 15-20+) life long friends. The benefits of your new expanded network are obvious.. But not everyone likes friends. If you are the type that hates having good friends cheer for you and help you along in life for years to come… then maybe were not for you..