The Struggles of being a Veggie Supreme in a Meat Lover’s World – The Vegetarian Choice



To share or not to share – The “V” word

There are many well-known polarizing subject matters such as pro-life/pro-choice, for or against the death penalty, believing in a higher power or not; no matter the side you take it is unlikely you will change the other sides’ point of view. ¬†Not impossible, it just isn’t going to happen over a¬†Frappuccino. ¬†The choice of where to get the¬†Frappuccino itself could cause conflict, Dutch Bros or Starbucks?

Add to these great debates is the choice to not eat meat, aka be a vegetarian. ¬†There are a few types of vegetarians. ¬†Ones who eat fish (pescetarian), ones who eat eggs (ovo-vegetarian), ones who eat dairy products (lacto-vegetarian), or any combination of those three. ¬†The truly dedicated vegetarians are known as vegans who choose not to consume any animal products. ¬†I have been in social settings where the table, room….building it felt like….went silent when I shared this information. ¬†Unlike some other personal choices where someone or something else is being potentially hurt or their rights violated, this is my choice and has ZERO effect on anyone else.

Rarely can I mention it in passing without someone (even less rarely in a friendly tone) asking me WHY? ¬†And I’m not one of “those” vegetarians…you know who they/you are. ¬†Some people take great offense at me choosing not to eat meat and are unable to control the rage, visible at times, while asking me “what about the poor potatoes?” This exchange occurs after I explain to them I like animals more than I ever liked the taste of them. ¬†I find factory farming appalling, not meat eating per se. ¬†It isn’t for me, but to each their own. ¬†I grew up in Montana, my whole family consumes meat, so of course my parents were very disappointed to find out I had become….different than the way they had raised me ūüôā


There are some interesting random facts @ ¬†Didn’t know about #24, so¬†changes¬†what I would bring as my one food choice to a deserted island.

Vegetarian Health Benefits

There heartare many health benefits associated with a vegetarian lifestyle. The main benefit being the reduced risk, 24%, of dying of heart disease and studies showing this type of diet can actually reverse heart disease.  Some of types of hormone related cancers such as breast and prostate are linked to the increased fat content of meat and other animal products.  Vegetarians live up to six years longer, though if you really love bacon those may be six very long years.

Environmental & Social Reasons to go Veggie


Most people tend to become vegetarians for health reasons or their feelings on animals’ rights. ¬†There are other¬†huge reasons to consider at least cutting back a little on the meat, and those are focused on the damages to the environment animal production causes, and the social choice to feed livestock with the arable land we have or to feed other humans. ¬†Obviously it isn’t quite as cut and dry as that. ¬†There is a lot of information available¬† &¬† are a couple places to start. ¬†There are, naturally, a main-stream article citing the exact opposite on many of the issues.

To Share

At the end of the day, this is just a personal choice…..just one that is fairly noticeable at meals, cookouts, weddings, happy hour, picnics, etc….and it happens every day. ¬† There are so many options for vegetarian recipes and meals, for all vegetarians, including the die- hard vegans. ¬†This is a team site, this paper is obviously, the voice of just one of us. ¬†I think my team mates are at Carl’s Jr ūüôā




Social Advocacy & Ayra Stark??

Imagine how exciting it was for a social media novice and a huge Game of Thrones fan to find a blog about marketing that included parts of the story line for Arya Stark.¬†Plugging in¬†a popular television series¬† was the perfect way to draw my attention. I wanted to thank all the gods, from the¬†many-faced¬† to the old gods of the north.¬† Staying away from the lord of the light as that one is a little frightening and don’t even want to be a blip on¬†his/her radar.¬†

Ben Green @ oktopost does a great job in a four minute read explaining what social advocacy is, and how to create the necessary emotional connection that is often lost through the use of social media.   Powerful and long term relationships are built on something more than just a slick twitter account or witty blog.

This article¬†suggests¬†incorporating¬†any company’s greatest assets; its employees,¬†and begin¬†an employee social media advocacy program.¬†¬†Employees who are¬†actively encouraged to use their social media accounts¬†can help¬†bridge the emotional void of social media, and help put a face¬†to a brand name.¬†¬†¬†Authentic, genuine and personal stories shared by employees create bonds between the customers and the brand.

Putting a face to a brand is the whole tie in to Ayra Stark and the Game of Thrones, she may not have a name but she certainly has a story to tell.



Pokémon GO РWhat is it??

So……what is Pok√©mon GO…..and who’s playing it?

I kept seeing posts on social media about people catching Pok√©mon. ¬†I felt a little sad for these folks, as I thought the cards were making a come back and knew how much money could be “invested” in them, only to be cast aside for Yu-Go-Oh cards ¬†in the future. Then, in some severe cases, Magic the Gathering. ¬† Turns out it’s an app that was just released this last week that has already become insanely popular.

What the Hell Is ‘Pokemon GO’? A Short Explainer

I asked a couple people what it is and how it is played…these are the honest answers:

Capture 1 Capture 2 Capture

Words such as incense, revives, razz berries and of course Pokeballs are used. All said with straight faces. ¬†A lot of the more dedicated players (or are they gamers??) that I spoke to about this phenomenon are in their early to mid-twenties. Man, woman or child are all equally attracted to this adventure. Lunch breaks are no longer for eating, but for trying to catch Magmar and Rattata. ¬†Friday night drinking can be paired up with¬†Pikachu. ¬†Exercise with¬†Entei (a 6’11”¬†Volcano Pok√©mon)…..hope these things aren’t life size.

I couldn’t quite grasp the concept… I downloaded the app to experience the thrill first hand. ¬†It is kind of entertaining, you get to pick your character’s clothing, right down to shoes and a backpack. ¬†The most challenging part so far was finding a name that was still available. ¬†I may have to watch one of the abundant tutorials to become an expert trainer.

Let the games begin ūüôā