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Targeting iGen…Marketing to the Next Generation!

Generational audience segmentation is going to become increasingly important. It’s particularly important to keep in mind when you are marketing towards iGen.

Gen Z is the first true cloud-based generation. Let’s break that down.

This doesn’t mean that Gen Z, also known as Generation Z, iGen, or Centennials, has their “heads in the clouds.” In fact, quite the opposite. This young generation is already being hailed as a surprisingly pragmatic and hardworking generation. What it means is that Gen Z are coming of age only knowing cloud-based storage. Whether it’s saving photos or working collaboratively on documents for school projects, they take for granted the fact that they don’t have to lug around floppy disks or worry about losing a flash drive.

This reliance on the cloud as a storehouse for information is having a profound effect on how Gen Z thinks about online privacy. Their dependence on digital connectivity means that they have always had experience making their private information in some form or fashion necessary to use online.

Millennials may have been digital natives, but Gen Z brings a more powerful native relationship: cloud-based computing,” says Jason Dorsey, Gen Z and Millennial Expert and President at The Center for Generational Kinetics. “This untethered relationship to information gives them more native freedom, computing muscle and influence than Millennials. It also gives them a different natural viewpoint on what is most important when it comes to technology solving your problems.”

Gen Z is also coming of age in a time when hacking is no longer just done by lone techies in a basement but is now led by large entities and has been the subject of numerous movies, news headlines, and has caused the financial ruin of many average Joes. Given that Gen Z has always been online, meaning that they have always been digitally vulnerable, we wanted our study to investigate how they feel about online privacy.

The Center’s groundbreaking study on Gen Z and Technology uncovered that Gen Z is more concerned about online privacy than Millennials but less concerned about online privacy than Generation X or Baby Boomers.

For example, the study found that 63% of Gen Z is concerned when it comes to protecting their identity when paying with a debit or credit card online or in a retail store. This is more than Millennials, 58% of whom said the same.

Interestingly, Gen Z is more concerned than Millennials about protecting their identity when sending and receiving messages online. Thirty-eight percent of Gen Z expresses concern over this, while only 29% of Millennials have the same concern. This increased concern for privacy goes all the way into the day-to-day reality of Gen Z and their education. A full 38% of Gen Z are worried about protecting their online privacy and security when at school.

But the twist here is that of all the generations, Gen Z has the LEAST concern about their privacy when it comes to paying with mobile apps, such as Venmo, and using social media. This makes sense, though, considering how tied Gen Z is to their smartphones. The reality that Gen Z has more trust than any other generation in these areas could support why Gen Z has been the fastest adopters of mobile payment apps as well as social media.

Whereas Gen Z has basically always known about mobile payment apps and social media to be a part of their coming-of-age experience, every other generation has come to them later in life, which could explain their concern about privacy using those technologies.

It will be exciting to see how this balance of caution and willingness to use new technology plays out as Gen Z continues to enter the workforce and adulthood. We suspect it will cause many industries to adjust their privacy policies, but also that there will be much innovation in the coming years.

Watch the video featuring Jason Dorsey discussing the generation after Millennials…


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GDPR! Am I too late?

Every marketing professional should know about GDPR and have a strategic plan on implementation and compliance.  But did you just read this and have that sinking feeling, “Oh, no! I knew I forgot something!”  Don’t worry, we are going to walk you through this and help to provide you with some awesome tools and resources to not only get you up to speed with compliance, but believe it or not… you’ll have fun in the meantime.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018.  (No panicking, we’ve got you).

What is GDPR? In a nutshell: “GDPR expands the privacy rights of EU individuals and places new obligations on all organizations that market, track, or handle EU personal data.” –

Are you saying you don’t do business in the EU? In this emerging global economy, I’d be willing to bet that your organization does in some fashion.  Don’t just be worried about the EU, because Canada, Mexico and even the US, currently have GDPR type legislation pending… and that is just the beginning.

How do I get my organization compliant? Well, I found a great resource at  They have dedicated an entire section of their business to ensuring GDPR compliance, and your organizations success.  Don’t have That is okay, really!  Salesforce provides knowledge and information on GDPR for everyone.

Trailhead, they say?  This must be a only customer resource.  Wrong again.  Anyone can learn, grow and interact with Trailhead.  It is an interactive gamification site dedicated to spreading knowledge.  Check it out!

European Union Privacy Law Basics  

The European Union Privacy Law Basics module will take you about 45 minutes to complete, but it is worth the investment in time.  Having your organization compliant with the new GDPR regulations is priceless!  Truly.

Stay tuned.  We will give you some more tools and resources on this subject and more!

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Social Media Marketing…Start your own business!

Social Media Marketing is clearly in these days. 22 year old Ollie Chapman is raking in the dough with his business. Check out this compilation of his tips and tricks…everything you need to know to start your own Social Media Marketing business.

Want to learn all of Ollie’s secrets…Check out his Course Here –


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Weather affecting your Marketing Campaign?

Weather affecting your Marketing Campaign?

Just when you thought you were the expert in your digital marketing class, you find that Meteorology is in the mix?  I know, I was shocked to find this out too; but it makes sense.

When people are outside, having fun, enjoying some ray’s, or when they are indoors, cooped up because of the rain… how do you continue to drive your brand?  The common answer should be: it depends.

Below are some statistics from a MarketLand article by, Steve Olenski:

  • Bad weather always makes the interaction increase – completely independent from the season.
  • Fans react, on average, 42% more often when the sun isn’t shining.
  • On rainy summer weekends, posts receive nearly twice as many reactions: interaction on posts increases by 90%.
  • Even in spring, autumn and winter. a clear difference between sunny and rainy days is noticeable: there are 39% more reactions on average when it’s rainy.

So how should you handle your digital marketing campaigns when the weather is good, bad and ugly?  Read more… because it’s 90° in Portland and beautiful!  I’m heading outdoors.

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Hot Weekend Contest – Win clicks from over 1000 followers, and the University’s Twitter page!

With the heatwave in Portland and Salem, let’s beat the heat inside. You know, where the air conditioner is

…and hot post all weekend!

This contest is about relevance as well as volume. The team that posts the most between now and Wednesday the 18th at 7 PM wins having all of their campaign links promoted over our 1000+ follower network including the official twitter of Willamette University!

You can post interesting vids, little pics and snippets, or make a campaign of it yourselves. Just be sure to take a page from Amazing Gonzos and follow the 8-second rule.

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