How did you get here?

And is there a reason why you were led here?

What is We have an explanation. Keep reading.

Did you click here from Were you enticed by a flashy (and super clever) domain name? Did something about the content, the way it was written, the use of a cool video, make you want to click to read more?

Well, if it did. SWEET!!!! Because that’s all it was meant to do.

Hi, were team Ruthless. We are a team of 5 members. We consist of: Josh (a lawyer), Tyler (HR director), Laura (Commercial banker), Tucker (an old oil tycoon), and Kelli (slangs Insurance policies by day. )

You were lead here because we are in the midst of a competition in our Marketing Strategies class in the MBA for Professionals program at Willamette University. We are working professionals by day and by night we parrttaaayyyy.

JK. We attend class 8 hours a week at night and spend our time learning cool marketing tricks like the ones that got you here. 😀 Definitely no time for partying. (Mostly..)

Basically, your click and the fact that you are reading this are giving us good mojo points so thanks! And if you would be so kind, stay a while? Just leave it open you don’t even have to read… But if you do want to read some more there are some interesting articles posted by others in the competition..

HOWEVER YOU CAN ONLY CLICK ON THESE LINKS RIGHT HERE. They take you to team Ruthless articles of course.. Please? 😀

Learn about Laura’s life changing decision

Find out why driving an electric car makes you a prime MBA suspect . (er -we meant candidate* not suspect.. ha.. Also, this was written by the Oil Tycoon! Who woulda thought!)

Or maybe you hate the idea of going back to school? Trust us, we TOTALLY get it. So here’s 5 reasons you should NOT get an MBA. (you are definitely going to want to read this one.. so make sure to click that link.. Just, click it. Go a head.. It’s really funny!!!)

PS: All is fair in love and war? Er- marketing? Right? 😉