Looking for a Change?

When you are interested in making a career change, it’s essential to identify what, where, and how fitting the new career will be. There are many ways to approach changing careers in this technological era, but the most fundamental action you can take is building upon your expertise, skills, and competencies. To build up these, Willamette University offers exceptional programs throughout their College of Liberal Arts, Master of Business Administration (including MBA for Early Career and Career Change, as well as MBA for Professionals), and College of Law. Willamette University also offers various student organizations that contribute to professionals who are looking for a different career path.

Data Science is one of the many programs that Willamette University offers that would help career changers remarkably. Data Science is a combination of developing an algorithm, data interference, and technology to solve analytically complicated issues, and a complementary skill set for a career related to social media. Engineering and Computer Science, two more outstanding programs offered by Willamette University, are related to Data Science and would also programs to consider for serious career changers.

There are many engineering programs offers at Willamette University, out of all Software Engineering is one of an extensive program that provides career changers with more database focused path. Being more familiar with data channels is a great start and would benefit career changers with a core data manipulation skillset. With software engineering, they would enable themselves to rebrand and have vast experience with data munging. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for software developers (software engineer) is over $105,000 a year with 24% job growth (much faster than average). To build up analytical, communication, and problem-solving and interpersonal skills, software engineering is an ideal field Willamette University provides.

Ideal lists of programs Willamette University offers:
– Data Science
– Engineering (Software Engineering)
– Computer Science

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