5 Reasons You SHOULDN’T get an MBA.

We get it. Life is busy. Families are important. Time is as limited as most people’s budgets. The decision to enroll in the MBA for Professionals program at Willamette can be a tough one for many working professionals.

We decided to help those of you who may be on the fence of enrolling. We have put together five reasons that perhaps may mean you SHOULDN’T get an MBA with Willamette…

1. Becoming your bosses’ boss

You’re busy, you know that. Your boss is busy. With the knowledge and tools, you gain while earning your MBA at Willamette, you will not be taking your bosses’ position, but your bosses’ bosses’ position. With an MBA from Willamette, you might end up stuck with that big fancy office, YUCK! Imagine in two years from now having to sit your current boss down to talk about their performance? Phew, are you ready for that?

2. That pool boy though

With all of those promotions, you will be making a lot more money. So much so that you will buy your own pool. That pool will require regular maintenance of course, which is no problem because you will have the money for it. Then your family and friends come over to swim, and they will be talking about your new pool boy. Are you ready to be the type of person who has casual conversations about their private pool?

3. All of those rejection letters

Moving up that quickly within your organization has to have people talking… about the awards and recognition that you deserve. So much so, that other organizations will be interested in having you work for them. You will be getting job offers for things you didn’t even apply for. Can you handle turning down people for positions over and over again?

4. What would your future self tell you to do?

Doing an MBA program is a lot of work, especially while still working your current job. If you met your future self who didn’t do an MBA they would probably say “No, don’t challenge yourself. Everything stayed the same and that is how I wanted it to be. Oh, besides a machine will take your job in 3 years.”

5. Could you handle it?

A Willamette MBA is ranked consistently as the best MBA in the state of Oregon. That in turn means you will have the best educators, with the toughest classes in the state. This prepares you to be the for any and all types of business. Are you ready for that?

Still not convinced? You are in the right place then. Check out the endless other posts here on the SocialMBA, all written by current MBA students. Your future network of alums!

Oh and that reminds us.. one more reason you might not want to to enroll in the MBA program for professionals..

Bonus Reason) All those lifelong friends you make…

After spending two years with your cohort you undoubtedly will walk away with at least a few (if not 15-20+) life long friends. The benefits of your new expanded network are obvious.. But not everyone likes friends. If you are the type that hates having good friends cheer for you and help you along in life for years to come… then maybe were not for you..