Simply Connected: Best Business Apps for Online Business Owners (product review)

Running a business requires a lot of work! As busy entrepreneurs fight to stay on top of the ever-growing pile of responsibilities, the growing sea of business apps may just save the day. Here are our thoughts on top rated apps designed for small businesses:

1. Finance: QuickBooks Accounting
RWALKER rating: 4.7/ 5 ****

While the price tag may be a bit steep, QuickBooks stores, organizes, and analyses your small business’ financial data. As a subset of a large, successful corporation, the perks are undeniable, but some users warn that it may be hard to back up data.

2. Scheduling: OMNIFOCUS
RWALKER rating: 4.1/ 5 ****
“Accomplish more everyday”: OMNIFOCUS developers make a big promise, and seek to keep it by allowing users to track tasks, sort by deadline, review completed tasks and sync between devices. Some users feel uneasy by the tiered levels of membership, but regardless, this app seems to provide a very customized level of support.

3. Communication: Pushover Notifications
RWALKER rating: 4.7/ 5 ****

With so many available outlets for social media marketing, busy managers have a hard time syncing notifications across devices and platforms. Pushover is the umbrella solution: offering a sleek interface, reliable service, and integrative features.

4. Point-of-Sale: SQUARE
RWALKER rating: 3.6/ 5 ***

Used by millions of businesses around the world, SQUARE was the original portable point-of-sale system in the USA. Allowing users to accept credit cards without a full brick-and-mortar store setup, this app caters to those just starting out. Like any electronic interface, glitches can happen, but SQUARE has a strong customer support team standing by.

5. Expense Tracker: Expensify
RWALKER rating: 4.5/ 5 ****

Finally, a platform to help make tracking business reimbursements less stressful! Expensify helps users manage expense reports, track receipts, and document tax compliance by providing an interface to photograph receipts, sort expenditures, and provide quick and easy service. While this app can be a huge time saver, be sure to check company reimbursement policy before signing up!

  1. Human Resources: BambooHR
    RWALKER rating: 3.3/ 5 ***

Bamboo HR is the go-to app for tracking applicants, handle administrative tasks, and manage performance reviews and employee schedules from a mobile device. While some feel the device has limited functions, it does allow fast syncing across apps and easy access to company directories.

  1. Social Media Analytics: Sprout Social
    RWALKER rating: 4.4/ 5 ****

Not sure if your social media strategy is solid? Sprout analytics is here to help. This app helps track customer engagement, identify influencers, and all the data that helps develop marketing strategy across platforms. Great for desktop, but also available for mobile devices without sacrificing any functionality.

  1. Employee Tracking: TSheets Time Track
    RWALKER rating: 4.1/ 5 ****

Tsheets brings clocking in and out to mobile devices. Easy to use, this app allows users to clock in and out, even without cell service. Managers can then adjust times, create schedules, track time off, and so much more!

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