The Garden Tarp by RT1home

Designed and marketed by the Los Angeles based online retailer RT1home, the Garden Tarp is a product stylishly designed for urban dwelling plant enthusiasts. As a small startup RT1home primarily utilizes social media platforms like Instagram, and sales channels like Etsy to market and sell it’s products. Through daily posts with planting tips, product promotions and demonstrations RT1home has established connections to the indoor gardening community with over 11k followers on Instagram. The Garden Tarp is the most popular item sold and frequently faces challenges meeting demand with limited production capability as a new small business. After trialing the tarp for myself I can see why so many people want it; it’s versatile, looks modern, doesn’t take up space, and  makes indoor potting and other messy hobbies convenient.

This product is well positioned to be successful given changing millennial demographics.  According to this Forbes article, educated millennial’s are more likely to live in urban concrete jungles than prior generations. Meanwhile, LA Times article: They don’t own homes. They don’t have kids. Why millennial’s are plant addicts. Goes into the fact that indoor plants provide something to care for while not requiring a major commitment that holds you back if you’re life is uprooted. It’s also never been easier for companies like RT1home to develop niche solutions and easily reach target consumers through low cost social mediums. To make this point, RT1home demonstrates it’s product uses through daily Instagram stories to build awareness.

The tarp itself is made of a high quality and very durable marine grade material that looks and feels expensive. You don’t have to worry about spilling water or getting it dirty, because you can wipe or rinse off the dirt. Even if you move 3 times in a year like me this product will remain on the list of things that come along.


Functionally, it’s simple to use. Just roll it out and snap the corner closures to create a basin that will contain messes. You can easily dump leftover soil and roll it back up for future uses. Previously I tried using newspaper or cardboard, and it always resulted in a bigger mess.

By purchasing this product you will be supporting a woman owned business that designs and manufactures locally in Los Angeles. So go get one! You can easily purchase through Etsy, or directly from RT1home for $68 shipping included. Additionally, RT1home has established many retail connections through social media platforms, and is now being sold at independent plant stores across the country.

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