The 6 Eras of Marketing and the Effects of Technology

Social/Mobile Marketing Era

Initially the beginning of connecting with clients on social media platform 24/7.  As more and more devices are connected and identified the picture of habits become even clearer.  The other day I was walking through a neighborhood that I often frequent Taco Bell, it was near lunchtime a

nd my phone vibrated.  The message was from taco bell with a coupon matching a fairly frequent order. My gosh they know when I am hungry, where I am, and what I like.  This peaked my curiosity even more how much was known about me. My household lights, door locks, and even my sprinkler system all identify me and are connected – what could the possible do with such data.  On top of that linking what I like to what my friends like and what we like….. Where can this all go and what is next.