Team Gonzos’ Lessons Learned

Team Gonzo had a number of learnings over the course of our Digital Marketing Competition over the past month:

Content Creation

We were proud of our content and felt we developed solid digital marketing and social media posts. Our titles could have been more enticing, we could have formatted content more effectively with more use of images and white space, and we could have given ourselves more time for content development and promotion.


With the varied content on the blog, we felt it was challenging to determine the right audience for promotion of our posts and didn’t post as broadly as we could have. Part of this was due to discomfort using our own personal brands and social channels to promote content we didn’t have complete control over. Among other issues, we had technical issues creating the links, didn’t utilize best practices in timing of posting and promoting.

Google Analytics

It look us most of the length of the competition to figure out how to use Google Analytics. It was helpful to look at past posts to determine patterns for success and explore what our competitors were up to. With more time, we could have learned to better track our views, identify patterns in differences between channels, and apply our additional learnings.