DIFFERENTIATE to “Build Your Brand”

If you are looking to champion your new product or service and want to utilize digital marketing strategies to do so, we have a few tips to consider for best results. Together, these steps speak to the concept of “building your brand”, the root of them all is the process of differentiation.

The Steps to Differentiate to “Build Your Brand”:

To do this well, it is important to first examine and understand who the competitors are. What are they doing or are not doing on social media? Why is that working or not working? What are the perceptions of the viewership? How does this affect the approach you will take? Carefully evaluate the actions your competitors are doing. In order to play successful offense, a strong defense is always critical.

Second, simply identify your value proposition. Is it worth it? Why is it desirable? What factors about the needs and wants of your target audience are being met in your value proposition? Brownie points for positively distinguishing it from competitors. Long-term success hinges on positive messages. A negative message might capture a majority “gasp” effect, but will quickly fade like any fad. Does the value proposition differentiate your brand from others? How will your competitors react?  Once your value proposition is clear to you, it will be that much more understood by your targeted audience.

Third, communicate the value to customers with creative and tailored media content. Videos, pictures, GIF’s, engaging surveys, games, competitions, etc. Study what grabs the attention of your target audience and use it your advantage. By taking into consideration the first point, you will start to understand what works for your target audience.

Next step, which is super critical, is to make sure your value claims are legitimate, or other words build trust with your audience. This can be executed and interpreted in various ways. Consider researching and achieving credentials or certifications that speak to your target audience. People trust validated sources much quicker than non-validated ones. Another route is building a following for your brand. Reach out and connect with your targeted segment to make sure they know your brand. Allow them to test it and encourage them to share their feedback. Word of mouth is one of the best social marketing tools out there!

Finally, make sure to consider in a very detailed fashion, how you are portraying information to your audience. What about your tactics speak to or identify, or highlight your brand and its’ characteristics? Are these being upheld through your communication strategies? Are the platforms you promote on the same ones your target audience uses? A small wrong move here could severely hurt the perceptions of your brand. Basically, do your research before you communicate. For example,  you may find that flooding the internet on every social media platform “to get the word out” may damage your brand based on perceptions your target audience encompasses.

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New Queer Eye, more product placement… But is that a bad thing?

With their newly released second season, Queer Eye is putting fashion reality TV back on the map. If you haven’t binge watched Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye, do it. Now. Seriously, stop reading and at least watch the first season’s fourth episode, ‘To Gay or Not Too Gay’, then come back and finish reading this article (after grabbing some tissues).

For those of you that have not yet experienced the fabulousness of the newly rebooted Queer Eye, you really need to give it a shot. The Guardian went so far to say that the new Queer Eye is “definitely the best TV show to premiere so far this year and one of the most important TV shows for a long, long time.”

Yes, Jonathan, yes I can!

But not everyone is singing Queer Eye’s praises. Several reviews Netflix’s adaptation have revisited some of the major issues with the 2000s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, specifically calling out the obvious use product placement, a reoccurring criticism of the original and an early critique to the reboot. But how much substance is there to this perspective? Is it just a nit-pick aimed at stirring controversy with this darling series? I’ll let Jonathan answer this last one:

Product placement, or embedded marketing, has been around probably as long as marketing, but really became a recognized marketing approach with the introduction of film. Television emerged as a new media outlet primarily bankrolled by many consumer product companies and brands. Ever wonder where the term ‘soap opera’ came from? That’s right, early product placement!

Ok, so there is definitely some product placement going on here with Queer Eye. But what actually is the problem with product placement? Product placement becomes negative in two major ways: when it is so blatant that it is disruptive to storytelling and when honesty comes into question regarding the placement. Is Jonathan really a huge fan of Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist or is he just saying that because they pay those bills?

But there is also an opportunity that emerges with product placement in a show like Queer Eye. The show clearly states its mission in comparison to the 2000s version: “the original show was fighting for tolerance. Our fight it for acceptance”. With consumer products aligning their brand with a mission like this, they are not only getting exposure to a target market, they are also expressing value alignment. Product placement in Queer Eye gives brands the opportunity to show their support for the LGBTQ communities in a unique way, while financially supporting this shows approach for dialogue during divisive times and pursuit of mutual understanding, acceptance and community. While of course bringing some fab makeover entertainment simultaneous! So, can we ease up on the product placement critiques just a bit?

Stop mouse depression with this one WEIRD trick!

Hi Oregon, USA!

If you never want to be fooled by this kind of click bait again… you need to read This article!

If that’s not enough of a reason.

Here’s how one dad from Portland keeps clickbait away from his kids! (Not a Sinclair Broadcasting link… we promise.)



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First… a little psychology:

From: “The Quad” – 11 Reasons We’re Too Dumb to Resist Clickbait



More from the team:

Picking a fitness app that respects your privacy

5 Best Marketing Tools of 2018

In Business School, All Sex is in Public?

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Weather affecting your Marketing Campaign?

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GDPR! Am I too late?

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Portland dad saves his kid from clickbait… see HOW!

We promise… this isn’t the Oregonian, and you’re not being fooled into clicking on random ads.

This post on Reddit is actually pretty cool if you didn’t know to teach your kids to not click on the youtube channel:



More from the team:

Picking a fitness app that respects your privacy

5 Best Marketing Tools of 2018

In Business School, All Sex is in Public?

Digital Marketing for Dummies

Weather affecting your Marketing Campaign?

Social Media Marketing…Start your own business!

GDPR! Am I too late?

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Ha! Just kidding!

Image result for hold up gif

Clickbait. We all know what it is when we see it, and yet. . . we click. They all claim to solve our problems: make us money, help our love life, or even how to get an “A” in your Marketing course. They attract you to the link by misleading and exaggerating, using structure and authority so that they seem more certain to provide quick and useful information.

And yet we fall for it every time. 

In 2016, a Michael Lazar of Huffington Post wrote an article titled The Death of Clickbait is Finally Here. However, it’s clear to us that clickbait is still claiming many victims a day.

Clickbait Confessions

I fall for it all the time. First thing I do in the morning is read my email. Yahoo is one and it sends me news from all over the world. When I click on an article that peaks my interest, I end up reading an article choke full of ads. I just want to read my news…Do I need to convert back to my morning newspaper? -R. Castro, distribution warehouse supervisor

When I’m on Facebook, I see an article with a hilarious headline. But instead of clicking on it to read the contents. I open the comments. There’s always someone that posts the whole story without me having to click next a thousand times.  -T. Takemoto, teenager

Clickbait? Oh, gosh, it should be illegal -C. McMurrin, human resources professional

I was reading an article, and sure enough an advertisement came up. But, it was actually a very useful advertisement and I ended up buying from it. So, I guess it wasn’t bad for me -C. Sarte, educator

So… why do we keep clicking?

Although we all are different, we all have an craving for easy order and understanding in our lives and click baits triggers the reward center of our brain in a way that can convinces us to, against our better judgement sometimes, click on the article, list, or what have you.

How do we apply this to Social Media Marketing?

Drawing attention to your product, service, or site is important. Even the use of clickbait can be useful. You need to be aware, however, of the perception of of your strategy to your potential clients. If they see you using obviously manipulative tactics they may lose interest in you as a company.

Chief Marketing Officer at Archant (a publishing group), Will Hattam states, “Intentionally deceiving your audience for the sake of a page view not only damages the website itself, but also damages the trust and relationships that advertisers have built up with the media” (Rogers, 2016).

Try to stay customer focused and show through your marketing strategy that you are creating value for them, not just looking for clicks to gain more advertising money.

Image result for clickbait toy story

Bottom line: Catchy social media titles can successfully lure customers in, but don’t make them sorry they clicked.

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weight-loss using your marketing knowledge

Do you want to know how to lose weight and look young? Then forget about diets like Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, and etc because they are nothing but a marketing scam. It is actually much easier to lose weight by following a calorie restriction diet and understanding the market strategy behind food products.

Sugar is SO Bad

The food industry targets consumers with happy and colorful products loaded with sugar, a substance that is addictive and causes many diseases that are plaguing our modern societies. Higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, fatty liver, and expensive dentist bills are all caused by sugary diets. Unless you are a marathon runner and need readily available energy for your muscles, you should avoid it, no excuses.

High Fat

Today, people are more aware that fat is an important nutrient and cannot be left out of a healthy diet. The human body cannot produce the fat needed for body insulation and the protection of internal organs. However, It is important to separate good and bad fats: animal and saturated fats should be avoided because of their cardiovascular implications to the human body.

Fat has been marketed as a villain for way too long and it is still easy to find products that are advertised as “healthy” low fat but are packed with sugar or the industry favorite: high fructose syrup.


For many, being a vegan is a cultural stand against many of the ecological and climate issues, with bonus points for being a healthier lifestyle. We are destroying the planet’s forests in order to create pasture for livestock. Animals as intelligent as our favorite pets are raised in small unsanitized conditions, not culturally acceptable by many anymore. That being said, a vegan diet is not necessarily a healthy diet when animal products that are replaced by high glycemic carbohydrates, sugars or highly processed foods with poor nutritional value.

Burning Calories with Exercise

Gadgets that count burned calories are misleading because they directly associate exercising with weight loss. It is not only the tech industry that is promoting this idea, boutique gym and hot yoga studios promote the same false ideas to attract new customers.  The truth is that the human body has a caloric threshold. When this limit is reached,  the body will not burn as many calories as indicated otherwise.

Celiac Craziness

Gluten intolerance is a serious problem that can prevent your body from absorbing nutrients, triggering a wide array of medical problems, from anemia to low bone density. The good news is that this condition affects 1% of the population; the market freezy created by consumer demand for gluten-free products do not represent the reality of the population. Next time you see products that advertise gluten free and healthy benefits, remember that it may not provide any health benefits if you don’t have the condition.

Avoid bad carbs low in fibers and poor in nutritional value such as white bread, white rice, processed foods like corn dog and energy bars, and foods high in refined sugars (white sugar or corn syrup, honey, or fruit juices). These carbohydrates with high caloric density will cause weight gain by storing extra energy as fat.

Good carbs like whole grains, legumes, and other vegetables will be consumed relatively slower by your body, and keep you from feeling hungry for a longer period.

Bottom Line

The human body is designed to avoid drastic weight changes, so the only way somebody can lose weight sustainably is by avoiding junk food and slowly reduce caloric intake. Americans are living fewer years than the previous generation because of eating habits and sedentary lifestyles that create a toxic combination for the human body.