DIFFERENTIATE to “Build Your Brand”

If you are looking to champion your new product or service and want to utilize digital marketing strategies to do so, we have a few tips to consider for best results. Together, these steps speak to the concept of “building your brand”, the root of them all is the process of differentiation.

The Steps to Differentiate to “Build Your Brand”:

To do this well, it is important to first examine and understand who the competitors are. What are they doing or are not doing on social media? Why is that working or not working? What are the perceptions of the viewership? How does this affect the approach you will take? Carefully evaluate the actions your competitors are doing. In order to play successful offense, a strong defense is always critical.

Second, simply identify your value proposition. Is it worth it? Why is it desirable? What factors about the needs and wants of your target audience are being met in your value proposition? Brownie points for positively distinguishing it from competitors. Long-term success hinges on positive messages. A negative message might capture a majority “gasp” effect, but will quickly fade like any fad. Does the value proposition differentiate your brand from others? How will your competitors react?  Once your value proposition is clear to you, it will be that much more understood by your targeted audience.

Third, communicate the value to customers with creative and tailored media content. Videos, pictures, GIF’s, engaging surveys, games, competitions, etc. Study what grabs the attention of your target audience and use it your advantage. By taking into consideration the first point, you will start to understand what works for your target audience.

Next step, which is super critical, is to make sure your value claims are legitimate, or other words build trust with your audience. This can be executed and interpreted in various ways. Consider researching and achieving credentials or certifications that speak to your target audience. People trust validated sources much quicker than non-validated ones. Another route is building a following for your brand. Reach out and connect with your targeted segment to make sure they know your brand. Allow them to test it and encourage them to share their feedback. Word of mouth is one of the best social marketing tools out there!

Finally, make sure to consider in a very detailed fashion, how you are portraying information to your audience. What about your tactics speak to or identify, or highlight your brand and its’ characteristics? Are these being upheld through your communication strategies? Are the platforms you promote on the same ones your target audience uses? A small wrong move here could severely hurt the perceptions of your brand. Basically, do your research before you communicate. For example,  you may find that flooding the internet on every social media platform “to get the word out” may damage your brand based on perceptions your target audience encompasses.

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