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Is Journalism Dead?

When you opened this page, your attention was likely drawn immediately to the graphic below. It’s clean looking, unoffensive, undertone of calming blue, the right amount of arousing orange and just a hint of red.

Examined more closely, and taken in context, the graphic above is essentially meaningless.

Visual information has surpassed the written word.

When is the last time that you fully read a long-form article online or any article? We have access to so much information. The demands on time and attention continue to grow.

Navigating Dangerous Times

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In recent years, media outlets such as the New York Times have embraced new forms of digital storytelling. Moving beyond print and still images to include video, animations, maps, graphics, and 360-degree panoramic views embedded within long-form articles. This is a new form of journalism that incorporates some of the most popular elements of digital media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Have You Seen This ?

The shift toward higher quality digital content has been a lifeline to the old print industry. Times increased its revenue by 8 percent in 2017, surpassing $1.7 billion dollars. The company reported more than 2.6 million in digital-only subscriptions with subscriptions accounting for 60 percent of the total revenue earned by the company.

The recent rebound of traditional media outlets is a bright spot during these times of fake news, misinformation campaigns designed to sow discontent and fear. The ways in which information can be shares is evolving so quickly and, in some ways, we are being shaped by these changes, for better and for the worse. And all media companies, including the new media outlets, will have to learn to navigate these dangerous currents.

Consequences of Failing to Act

Earlier in the week Facebook was forced to disable message forwarding functionality within it’s popular WhatsApp service following a series of lynchings that occurred within in India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. In the past two month at least 20 violent attacks have been reported, attributed to false  child abduction allegations.

In the United States, the 2016 shootings inside a Washington, DC pizzeria provides an example of the dangerous results of a misinformation campaign. These attacks serve as a reminder that words do matter.

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