Running a business like Beyoncé

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is the definition of an international brand. She’s sold 75 million albums, won 17 Grammys, has an estimated net worth of $350 million was Forbes’ 2014 “World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” list and made Time’s “100 Most Influential People”.

So, what can we do to run our business like Beyoncé?

  1. Video, video, video! Video is the future of marketing and nobody does it like Beyoncé. There is an emphasis on video in marketing and she even inspired Pharrell Williams with his 24 hour music video.
  2. Build your community. Beyoncé has a community of fans called the BeyHive who are promoting the artist and strengthening her brand. In return they are getting the inside scoop on tours, concert tickets, merchandise, and more!
  3. Turn your brand into a lifestyle. Beyoncé isn’t just a musician, she is a lifestyle. She provides her fans a variety of brand connections beyond her music and your brand can live outside its means.
  4. Craft a good story. Whether you believe it was thoughtfully crafted or real, the sequence of events surrounding the rumored cheating by husband Jay-z turned into a very lucrative business.

And for some businesses, Beyoncé ends up getting involved! Here’s how WTRMLN WTR launched their brand the same day “Drunk In Love” was released and was later meeting with the Queen B about investing.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out her latest video, here is a little viewing treat!