Are GIFs the golden ticket to social media promotion?

If you enjoy GIF’s as much as Monica loves this cake, then follow our guide to upping your “GIF Game” and grab the attention of your target audience via social media platforms!

Sometimes all it takes is getting your audience to your page…these are definitely the a-typical ways to do it!


Looking to promote a BIG or EXCITING SALE? This epic rafting attempt could do just the trick!


Are you a sports equipment store? This could be the perfect way to gauge potential customers. Begin by asking if “they are adequately prepared for their next adventure?” 😉


Here’s an unconventional way to attract (and lighten the likely mood too) the attention of tax return clients. “Do you feel overwhelmed that taxes are jumping out of no where?”

Trying to claim her chair. from Unexpected


Do you offer beauty products? This might not be the result customers look for, but certainly could grab the attention of their funny bone.

A little eyebrow thinning from instant_regret


Trying to promote summer specials for your gym? Father-baby belly dancing