The future of Apple products is clear

If you’ve ever imagined doing any activity with earbuds in but without the cord getting in the way, then yes, AirPods are the greatest thing since canned beer and sliced bread. The immediate connectivity with your other Apple products works as expected and continues to be an overwhelming strong suit for the Apple brand. Sound quality and noise cancellation is the same as stock Apple earbuds but the ease if you use is the awesome perk with the current generation of AirPods.

The Bad:

The earbuds themselves are really no different than the ones you get stock with every iPhone purchase you’ve ever made – just without the cord. I have never been the person who uses the buttons on the earbud cords such as stop, play or volume, but if you are that person, you do lose some functionality with the introductory model.

Apple did try to add some positive feature in the form of easy-access Siri. By double tapping on your right Airpod, Siri is summoned and accessible via voice control through the AirPods. While this sounds ideal, it is fairly unreliable and often leaves users standing alone, violently tapping the side of their heads.


AirPods (or something like them) are the future. The weirdness factor of having a white stem hanging out of your ear is weird at first, but quickly goes away after you realize how seamless they connect with your iPhone and/or Apple watch. Apple continues to dominate connectivity across devices and AirPods are a shining jewel of a compliment to the existing line. Bottom line, if you have an iPhone or Apple Watch, you will love AirPods. I will be ready to stake my spot in line for whatever comes next because the first generation of AirPods are likely a stepping stone to further breakthroughs in wireless connectivity in the not-so-distant future.