5 reason why the Lakers should not have signed Lebron

LeBron can be disruptive to the team brand because of the following reasons:

1. It’s all about Bron Bron

If the team does not win championships, he moves on. He has done it to Cavaliers and the Heat.  After he moves on to greener pastures, ticket sales slump and fans are left with a Lebron induced hangover.  The lack of  superstar presence impacts the local community negatively while Lebron is focused on his next career steps.

2. Super teams are bad for the NBA

Wherever Lebron James is playing, he will bring other talented players with him. The concentration of stars in a single team makes the league unbalanced.  Think about Cavaliers Vs Golden State Warriors playing on last finals for 4 years in a row.  Average viewership per finals game was down 16% in 2018, also the Warriors dominance prevented games 5,6 and 7.  Can you say lost revenue?

3. Jordan Legacy

Lebron’s obsession with beating Jordan’s stats can affect his performance and dimish team morale. Not a good idea when the team is at the playoffs and need emotional stability. The comparison itself is not fair, Jordan played in a different time. LeBron would benefit from ditachig himself from Jordan’s legacy.

4. Haters gonna hate

Basketballs fans either love him or hate him. Team brand exposure will definitely be boosted by Lebron presence, but it can have a negative impact on how fans of opponent teams perceive Lebron’s side. At the first moment, other team fans would help boost the ratings, but eventually, it would fade and more fans will ended building animosity agains LeBron’s team .

5. Getting Old

Let’s be honest, his best days are gone. He is playing for 14 years, the average player tenure is less than 5 years. Is the price tag worthed? Maybe signing more players will have a better return on investment.