Weather affecting your Marketing Campaign?

Weather affecting your Marketing Campaign?

Just when you thought you were the expert in your digital marketing class, you find that Meteorology is in the mix?  I know, I was shocked to find this out too; but it makes sense.

When people are outside, having fun, enjoying some ray’s, or when they are indoors, cooped up because of the rain… how do you continue to drive your brand?  The common answer should be: it depends.

Below are some statistics from a MarketLand article by, Steve Olenski:

  • Bad weather always makes the interaction increase – completely independent from the season.
  • Fans react, on average, 42% more often when the sun isn’t shining.
  • On rainy summer weekends, posts receive nearly twice as many reactions: interaction on posts increases by 90%.
  • Even in spring, autumn and winter. a clear difference between sunny and rainy days is noticeable: there are 39% more reactions on average when it’s rainy.

So how should you handle your digital marketing campaigns when the weather is good, bad and ugly?  Read more… because it’s 90° in Portland and beautiful!  I’m heading outdoors.

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