5 ways to use social media like a pro

1) differentiate yourself 

What do Drake, LeBron James, Nicki Minaj, Kevin Hart, Christiano Ronaldo, The Rock, and Justin Timberlake all have in common?  They follow this guy.

Meet Omar Raja.  This 23-year-old Instagram guru has over 9.7 million followers and adds an average of 12,000 a day.  What’s his secret to success?  He figured out a way to connect fans to athletes.  Sure, he shows highlights of athletes performing amazing feats, but his real success stems from showing fans what they don’t see on ESPN, he shows stars acting human.  Unique clips showing fans what they want to see and delivering it to them how they want to see it.

2) diversify

Nice try Ron…

We all know you don’t want to put all your eggs in 1 basket.  The same applies for the social media platform you choose.  Not sure where to start?  Here’s a list of the top 8 social media sites in the U.S.

    1. YouTube
    2. Facebook
    3. Instagram
    4. Pinterest
    5. Snapchat
    6. LinkedIn
    7. Twitter
    8. WhatsApp

Facebook and YouTube are most popular for U.S. adults, while younger Americans continuously embrace newer platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.  Want to reach college grads?  Try LinkedIn, 50% of users have a college degree.

3) create a fan base

Building relationships is essential to your success in social media.  Identify what your purpose is and connect with others that match your passions and goals.

    1. Be Consistent – Aim to post at least once a day
    2. Use Multiple Platforms – Use different sites to target specific demographics
    3. Stay True to your Message – Have a strategy and stick to it
    4. Share Content – See something you like? Chances are your connections will feel the same way
    5. Respond – Engage with your followers and encourage feedback

4) know your audience

Before attempting to promote your new content, it is important to understand habbits and characteristics of the segment that you want to reach. The content should be readily available when the audience is consuming information or making a purchase decision. Cookies are the most common tool used in web browsers to track user behavior. There is a whole industry dedicated to harvest and sell consumer data that can be used to target your audience based on internet browsing.

5) specialize

The content that you want to promote will have better traction when focused on a specific segment. Your message should be crafted in a way to better captivate the audience, this can be achieved by targeting groups that share the same interest with specific messages. For example: The benefits of a whole food diet should be promoted with different messages to mothers concerned about theirs kids health and athletes looking to improving their performance.