7/10 – Executive Summary

“The Meta Project” – Week 1 – MBA Marketing for Professionals 2018


We’ve officially kicked off our project to create some useful and professional content, and market the hell out of it!

If you’re a guest here, well… at least you’ve been kind enough to give a click, and your vote to help local Willamette University MBA students hone their craft.

Karma points to youPortland is a town all about marketing, after all.

Vote for the winner

How we’re using data (wisdom and collaboration on google analytics)

Projects reviewed this week (in order of posting time):

  1. Fast and Curious with: How to Become an Instagram Icon: 5 Steps Towards Stardom
  2. Slayers with: Top 7 Social Media Campaigns
  3. Mana with: The Power Behind MANA
  4. Mana with: Are you a Social Media “Dad”?
  5. Mana with: 5 Ways to become the G.O.A.T. on social media
  6. Treklink with: Summer Fun in Salem, Oregon
  7. Slayers with: Instagram… Good for Business?
  8. Trace Hope with: 5 Best Marketing Tools of 2018
  9. Amazing Gonzos with: Shoulders of Giants: 5 of the Most Popular SocialMBA.org Posts So Far
  10. Saga with: Saga: Digital Marketing Issue #1 – The User Experience

Teams. We’re trying to be sure to use YOUR campaign links here, so send them our way! To include the weekly voting for your blog, here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2zrHvQ1

Questions? Spotted a mistake in your team’s information?

Email: rtmorales@willamette.edu



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