Shoulders of Giants: 5 of the Most Popular Posts So Far

Isaac Newton was a pretty smart dude. But when he said “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants,” we doubt he thought it would be co-opted centuries later by marketing students grasping for a blog theme. Nonetheless, here we are.

This post bought to you by Sir Isaac Newton and the Amazing Gonzos, a group of MBA students with excellent taste in Muppets. (Wikimedia Commons/

As we prepare for the outpouring of content the next four weeks of this class exercise will generate, we thought it would be prudent to look back at some of the most widely read posts produced by previous participants. We’ve packaged the popular pieces here for your perusal, and we promise to pause alliterating presently. Probably.

Post #1: KD, Steph, and the Brands

When Kevin Durant made the move to Golden State, the Warriors immediately became the most talent-rich team in the history of the NBA. It also meant two sets of signature sneakers on the same bench, Durant repping Nike’s KD line and Steph cooking up Chef Currys for Under Armour. Read the post to learn more about how these superstars and their super-sponsors divide and conquer in the marketplace.

Post #2: Stretching for an Audience

Social media has made it easier than ever to build a network of support to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a maker looking for advice from experts or, as in this post, embarking on a new exercise program and looking to engage with like-minded folks and supporters, social engagement provides another dimension of interaction in your quest. And, hey, if you want to do the splits too, just follow the same stretching plan that she did!

Post #3: Selling Out in Portland is no exception to the pervasiveness of basketblogging, as shown by our second piece devoted to hoops in our all-time top views list. But instead of arguing the merits of 3-and-D wings and examining salary cap minutiae, this post takes a close look at how the Portland Trail Blazers (and their marketing department) have built a loyal and passionate fanbase in one of the NBA’s smallest markets. RIP CITY BABY!

Post #4: Pokémon GONE?

If you were alive and had a mobile phone in summer 2016, you likely played Pokémon GO. Businesspeople wandered the neighborhoods on their lunch breaks, diners dropped lures at cafes, and youngsters swarmed parks and plazas in search of those rare pocket monsters. While it lives on with core of devoted players, Pokémania at large quickly waned. This post examines whether Pokémon GO can be revived, or if Niantic needs to choose a new hero.

Post #5: Getting Great

Some people walk their dog or take a hike for a bit of outdoor time. This guy climbs rocks. And cliffs. Really difficult climbs. No simple tasks, and they require preparation and dedication. Learn about goal-setting and maximizing your potential from someone that has used these techniques to approach the top of the world.