The Power Behind MANA


MANA is a group of four powerful young female grad students. We’re here to make your life easier, your social media marketing life, that is!

An IT Project Manager currently working for the State of Oregon. She is attending Willamette University and plans to complete her MBA in 2019. She is a lifestyle hiker, enjoys bouldering, and spends her downtime with her husband of 10 years and her cat.

Owner of a princess cat who loves to pull books from the bookshelf one-by-one when she is hungry and  race to the stairs to hiss at mailmen when they ring the doorbell, Lexie is a graduate student who has a passion for travel, culture, meeting new people and bringing ideas together.

Loves: possums and other conventionally “unlovable” and “weird” animals, summertime berries, and rambling about pseudosciences to anyone willing to listen. She is focusing on Public and Not-for-Profit Management at Willamette MBA.


A mother of four teenagers, one grade schooler, an HR Professional, and MBA candidate at Willamette University who enjoys painting when wine (or beer) is involved.


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