Summer Fun in Salem, Oregon

There are countless opportunities for social media to provide a positive influence for businesses. We have compiled a list of the recreational industries that are utilizing social media to get the word out in Salem. If you are looking for something to do in the Willamette Valley this summer, be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms.

Elizabeth Infante at Barrel and Keg. Restaurants and Bars use social media to showcase their selection of ciders and beer and promote tastings and other events. When searching of a six pack, be sure to check Facebook for the availability of your favorite brews. B&K has a knowledgable staff and great selection, plus they are dog-friendly! – Barrel and Keg

Reed Warner at Rogue Brewery, Independence, Oregon.  Rogue uses social media to attract visitors to their farm. Families and friends enjoy relaxing here in the beautiful Oregon summer weather, while learning a little bit about Rogue and the ingredients used in their products. – RogueFarmsHopyard

Raymond Penney at the Salem capitol mall, a hot spot for city wide events including: Winter Brewfest, Hoopla and Cherry Blossom Day. Social media is an integral part of the strategy to get people to these events. -OregonCapitol









Brett’s dogs, Libby and Hank at Minto-Brown Island Park in Salem, Oregon, a large municipal park with an off-leash area for our rambunctious rascals. Government managed parks use social media to advertise events, hours of operation, coordinate volunteers, as well as raise awareness on relevant issues surrounding the use of the park, like sea turtle hatching season and water advisories. – Minto-Brown-Island-Park

Brett Moore outside Homegrown Oregon Cannabis dispensary in Salem Oregon. Social media marketing is important for dispensaries due to the fact that legalized cannabis is a brand new market in the 21st century. The retail landscape is bloated with the “green rush” – in Denver, there are more dispensaries than Starbucks. Social media is a way to differentiate your store through brand awareness and deal advertising.

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