Are you a Social Media “Dad”?

5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

No one mans the grill for a summer BBQ rocking sensible Reeboks quite like a dad.  No one cracks a cringey knock-knock joke like a dad. And most of all, no one drops comments on social media like a dad.

“Hi, Hayley– looks awesome… Beautiful pic! :^)

Love, Dad”

As lovably dorky as real-life dads’ social media presence is, it’s not a model to emulate in the business world. Social media marketing teeters a thin line between “not-trying-at-all” and “trying-too-much”. You want your dad kinda hip, but not trying to be too hip right? You love him and want him to understand your world, but you don’t want him to ask if you “YOLO-ed on flique” today. For reference: See this man:

  1.     Don’t Obviously Exploit the Algorithm

By now, we all understand the basics of social media platforms’ engagement-driven algorithms: Gather likes, gather comments, gather seconds spent looking at your content, and magically watch your post float to the top of a feed. With this knowledge, many companies and social media influencers use tricks such as posing questions in their captions to generate enough comments to drive up their post’s popularity.

All too often we see companies fostering a fake sense of intimacy, saying “Relax this Fourth of July with our BerryBlast Freezer! How are you celebrating today?” purely to inspire comments. Do you imagine anyone on their marketing team, or quite frankly any of the rest of us, could care less that Cheryl from Indiana is “Staying home with the dogs! Too hot!”? We know they don’t care. We know why they’re doing it. It’s fake and clearly intended to promote their brand under the ruse of caring for their followers. If your business is going to play the algorithm game, for god’s sake, be sneaky about it.

  1.     Don’t Be Overly Formal

Make your content enjoyable to your audience. Your content should captivate your audience creating return visitors, not bore them to death and return them to Intro to Economics class. Because social media is such a vast platform, it is quite possible to engage a variety of viewers. According to an online article by Jessie Borsellino, BuzzFeed is like the Target of social media (2017, You may logon to watch a video about puppies then later watch a video on parenting advice. BuzzFeed’s creative articles and catchy headlines keeps users engaged. BuzzFeed writes to entertain. So, if you’re next post consists of too many “bad dad” jokes, it can exasperate your followers. Likewise, if your post make readers yawn, you’re not doing a great job either. Keep it in the middle.

Bored Samson & Gert GIF by vrt

  1.     Don’t Half-Ass It. Full Ass It.

If you don’t care, why should they? Low-quality posts can also make your product or service undesirable. Pixelated or uncropped images can deter users from visiting your site. You don’t have to be a photoshop professional but taking the time to ensure your posts are clear is worth the extra time. Unknowingly, many people are stimulated visually. Using delightful pictures can help your social media be more effective giving us a visual image of what you are trying to convey (Basilico, 2018 — Likewise, there are many free and easy tools for creating polishes and engaging info-graphics and other visuals. At team MANA, we love Canva ( So, don’t half-ass the job, go whole-ass!

Ron Swanson Never Half Ass Two Things GIF

  1.     Don’t Spam Post Like a Dad Who Just Discovered the Internet

Once you gain a follower for your business, you better make darn sure they don’t regret their decision. This person did not follow you to have their feed flooded with eight sloppily written posts a day. Once you generate quality, worthwhile content (See above: Don’t Half Ass It) limit yourself to posting once or twice a day. We at team MANA have unfortunately had to unfollow several rather kickass companies (Check out DECIEM’s founder’s social media meltdown:  because sadly we couldn’t take it any more even though we love learning about effective & affordable skincare.

  1.     Remember: A Social Media Plan is not a Social Media Strategy

If you don’t execute your plan with a strategy, you may end up failing in being the next Kim Kardashian. Know what you are going to share, how you’re going to share, and where you’re going to share. Do you want to have a following of future make-up artists (MUA)? Do you want to share your content by posting how-to videos? Are you going to create a YouTube channel, Facebook, or Instagram? Think of it like planning your next family camping trip. Most plan it to be perfect, memorable, and fun! You plan out your itinerary, but you must strategically create activities to make it enjoyable. When you know how you’re going to execute your strategy, you can make your social media plan successful.

Now, we love dads. We don’t mean to rag on dads. But in pop culture we tend to poke fun at dads in their well-intentioned quest of Being Ultimate Cool Dad. Next time you’re about to post something, think to yourself: Is this a nuanced understanding of what my customers want? Or is this kinda like when your friend’s dad tries to fist bump you and call you “playa”?

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