Want to be noticed on Instagram ? Check out these 7 photo editing apps https://goo.gl/3zvpFx

The professionnal must-have : VSCO

Probably the most advanced app, a must-have for professional influencer. https://vsco.co


The most professional for beginners : Halide

Created by a former engineer of Twitter and a former designer of Apple, Halide can transform your smartphone into a genuine camera. This app makes it possible to adjust the settings of your smartphone as if it was a reflexe camera.



The most delicious : Foodie

Want to share your delicious memories ? This smart app will be your new essential partner to improve your foodie reputation.



The most esthetic : Litely

Getting bored of Instagram filters ? Try Litely : these filters have been created by the same photographer who designed most of the Insta filters. Old but gold (launched in 2014), one of the best apps with VSCO.


The magic one : Touch Retouch

Photoshop in your pocket ? It is now possible with Touch Retouch. A trash can ruins your picture : you can simply erase it thanks to the multiple options of this magic app.



The most convenient : Snapseed

Designed by Google, this free app is a new essential to highlight, darken or change the saturation of your picture. Another good feature of this app : you can easily fix or erase some unwanted details , just by touching the screen with your finger.


The most self-centered : Microsoft Selfie

Thanks to its special filters, get rid of imperfections, and just look your best, even after the party of your life.



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