Companies with a different Branding Strategy in the International Market

Content plays an important role in marketing and it is important to have different strategies to fit local customer needs. Some of the companies that have implemented different marketing strategies in localized markets are

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s has local flavored menus in different countries which makes it unique to attract customers.

  1. Domino’s Pizza

Like McMcDonald’s Domino’s Pizza also has localized menu for different countries. Below is an example of India’s Menu where the main ingredients of Pizza– Bread, cheese and sauce remain the same, while additional toppings are to be changed based on the target market.

  1. World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)

The World Wildlife Foundation creates different sustainability initiatives for different regions in the world. One of their campaigns was promoted in Scandinavian countries, which encouraged them to promote a “blackout” or lights-off initiative during daylight savings.

  1. Coca-Cola

With a large International presence, this has been mainly due to the community programs that this company invests a lot of time and money on. Their branding strategy through this program is mainly to affect the emotions of the people, which is to give happiness. Above is an image of STAR program in the Philippines, where in this program, women were given 12-week Entrepreneurship course along with Gender Sensitivity Training Course.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb introduced a social media campaign in 2015 prompting people to use the hashtag #OneLessStranger, which the company made in an effort to increase global presence on the Airbnb network. In this campaign, the community members were asked to host any stranger and take photo/video to share the experience using the hashtag.