Top 5 Video Editing Tools for Novice Video Marketers

Professional Development Series

Innovative Marketing Resources:

If you want to post your own video content for your personal business, start a vlog, or learn about the innovative user-friendly video editing tools, here are a few great resources to start with.

  • Nutshell

Nutshell is a very interesting automated video editor that is a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. The steps for creating short teaser videos are to 1) snap 3 photos, 2) select animated text options 3) add graphics to embellish each photo, and then woohlah! Your content is ready to share and send on your social media platforms.

  • iMovie- Apple

This tool is only helpful if you have a Mac computer, but is great for beginners that are just learning the video editing basics. iMovie has a mobile app where projects and editing tools are at your fingertips. iMovie also uses AirDrop to seamlessly integrate any video content from Apple products such as your iPhone or iPad, onto your Mac computer. iMovie also integrates with iTunes and Garage Band so that you can use any music or audio sound effect in your video content. While iMovie provides an integrative approach, it still lacks in certain design capabilities such as having professional looking video themes, texts, and captions. If you want to delve into more technical editing tools that go into graphic design and animations, Final Cut Pro X for Apple is another great resource for Apple products.

  • Lumen 5

Lumen 5 is an automated editing tool that uses AI technology to summarize blog post content by inserting relevant photos, videos, and music. This tool provides a great opportunity to turn traditional blog posts into fresh and innovative content. There is a basic version of the tool that is free, and other versions at different pricing scales that offer various additional features.

  • Filmora from Wondershare

If you are looking for high-quality professional level editing software, look no further. Filmora is free editing software that offers FilmoraGo (mobile editing) and Filmora Scrn (screen recording and editing). Filmora has many audio, motion, transition, and caption tools to vamp your video content. There are even gif support and boilerplate editing features. Filmora offers a beginners editing mode called “easy mode” that allows users to use a basic version of their editing capabilities.

  • Magisto

This automated editing tool is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and Windows. Magisto has very simple steps where you 1) select photos and videos from your personal video clips and camera roll, 2) select an editing style, 3) select a soundtrack from Magisto’s library of licensed audio, 4) add editing touches, 5) any remaining editing will be automated through Magisto software. Magisto allows you to create interesting and professional level content in a matter of minutes. Magisto offers free software for basic editing capabilities.