The Distinct Advantages for Startups in the Social Media Marketing Realm


There’s no doubt that social media marketing is the key of success for so many businesses. Startups have an advantage when it comes to using social media platforms as social media users love what’s new and startups are new by default.

As a startup, to successfully leverage social media platforms to promote for your startup, there are some tips you need to follow.

First, be unique, social media is a crowded place, which is why startups need to create a unique message and activities to communicate with their target segment to stand out among the crowds. You can do this through gathering information about your audiences, such as where they spent their time on social media, which topics that attract their attention the most, and what is the best way to communicate with them whether through articles, videos, or images. For example, startups that work at home crafts and fashion might want to focus their efforts on Pinterest to deliver a unique value proposition for their products.

Second, talk less, listen more. Social media can be a good place to get ideas on what your consumers want. A successful strategy is to monitor your segment’s behaviors on the social media and leverage it to create a competitive advantage for your startup. For example, some consumers might complain about the customer service level within a certain industry and through providing an excellent delivery of this one missing a thing, you can differentiate your startup.

Third, create a tribe. It is important to make your consumers feel they are part of a startup that you care about their opinions; this feeling of the tribe can lead to increase their loyalty to your startup. Sharing your startup’s story, updated news and other interesting topics with your audience can help in creating a deep connection between consumers and your startup which is very important for any successful startup.

Part 1: Strategy

Part 2: The Right Platforms

Part 3: Crowdfunding

Part 4: Good Examples