Social Media Marketing for Startups: Good Examples

Good Examples

The following startups were successful in making the most of their social media presences:

1- Magic Leap: it is a company that is developing a kind of augmented reality and virtual reality system. It is keeping its product under wraps for the most part, but it has been generating interest among its future user base by producing intense, thought-provoking content and getting the world ready for what it’s about to debut. Even though Magic Leap hasn’t made any formal announcements about a release date, it’s managed to amass more than 60,000 likes on Facebook and more than 32,000 Twitter followers. That’s because its content is interactive and engaging and gives users a tease of what they can expect next.

2- Squatty Potty: It is a simple device designed to correct toilet-sitting posture, which is apparently a bigger problem than most of us realize. Square Potty’s somewhat taboo subject matter and potentially boring product were completely overcome by the company’s ingenious social media marketing campaign, which is still running.

Watch their famous video of a colorful unicorn pooping ice cream:

3-Operator: It is a new app that functions as a kind of personal assistant for the purchases you want to make. Once you install the app, you can use it to connect to an expert on the subject, who can then guide you to making the right purchasing decision. The company does a stellar job at marketing itself through social media, in part because it’s such a strong social app, to begin with. Instead of offering an on-site live chat service, Operator integrates directly with Facebook Messenger, leading the way for customer service on social media. It also maintains a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by engaging with its customers and providing fresh streams of new content regularly.

4- LiveList: it is an app capitalizing on the recent trend of live streaming video to help people connect to their favorite performers when they take the stage. Its entire model depends on being able to connect a lot of people quickly and in real time. Due to its nature, LiveList already has a deep bank of content it can potentially promote, in the form of past and/or current performances, and it uses this as an asset to attract new followers. Like Operator, LiveList has taken to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with about 10,000 followers on each of the first two.

In a nutshell, using social media can be a key player in advancing your startup and reaching out to more audience.

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