The Most Scandalous Tweet of 2017

Can a single tweet destroy a career? In the case of Katie Rich, former Saturday Night Live writer, it can. It can do much more – it destroyed her professional reputation.
Take a look at her original tweet, and the responses that followed:

Both Trump supporters and non-supporters quickly pointed out the insensitivity of her tweet and called for retaliation. While Rich promptly deleted her twitter after being on the receiving end of hate-filled reactions, the damage was already done. Under public pressure, SNL had no choice but to fire Rich.

Do you think that the public reaction was too severe? Was the decision to fire Rich appropriate?

It’s now commonplace for celebrities and public officials alike to have personal twitter accounts. This form of social media not only spurs personal engagement, but political. Even our president has spent 13 out of his first 744 hours in office tweeting (and that’s likely an underestimate). Will twitter slowly become the sole strategy of campaigning? Is the president’s use of twitter prefacing a new form of politics and humor? 

With professional and personal lines being blurry at best in the realm of social media, it is likely that 2017 will surface more scandals. Freedom of speech can’t always be a valid excuse. 

What do you think will be the biggest social media scandal of 2017?