The Smokey Eye and the Scientist: How Snapchat Torpedoed Themselves This International Women’s Day

When most people picture Snapchat they picture teenage girls with too much time, taking too many selfies with a deer face filter, i.e. your basic white bitch.

Snapchat filters have become something of a legend as each new holiday and pop culture event approaches, Snapchat is continually challenged to create more creative filters.

This International Women’s Day Snapchat rolled out three new filters, I’ll just leave these here and you tell me what the problem is.

Wow, homegirl in the Marie Curie has a pretty fly smokey eye. Girl got skills! Let’s look at another one.

Oh wow, they all have great smokey eyes!

Snapchat caused a debate on Twitter as to why exactly the Marie Curie filter had a smoky eye and false lashes.

So readers what do you think? Are we #HereForMadamCuriesSmokyEye or are we #WhatTheHellSnapchat

Author: MDVR M.B.A. Consultants

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