Why Businesses Can’t Survive Without Social Media — a Review in Memes

In his article ‘Why Businesses Can’t Survive Without Social Media’ Ryan Holmes makes three major assertions about the necessity of social media in relation to generating revenue and relationships.

  1. All business should be on some form of social media platform The author is correct when he asserts that all businesses should go on some form of social media platform. It was already a trend in 2015 and it is a trend that is still spreading around the world and the possibilities are endless. Social media is an open and flexible world with constant innovations.

2.  Interactions First Channels Second

Interactions first, channels second (IFCS) is a value that often gets overlooked. Set first your strategy, target your client, know your publications and what kind of reactions you want to provoke. After this, you should select a platform which fits within your strategy.

3. Companies are often wrongly hesitant to join social media

Companies are not often willing to join these social media platforms. Excuses range from it takes too much time, we’d have to be on every platform, there’s no benefit and many more. Moreover, in the past managers or CEOs didn’t see the causal effect of social media and were looking for the wrong numbers. They were expecting to see an increase in turnover or sales. As we have learned, there were analyzing the wrong figures. Social media affects other aspects of the customer’s experience and opinion before the purchasing decision. Lastly, the author points out the fact that going on social media is not easy, it is changing all the time and you have to be aware of all the adaptations.

For the full article follow: http://fortune.com/2015/11/18/businesses-cant-survive-social-media/

Author: MDVR M.B.A. Consultants

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