What are the effective steps in order to increase your audience in LinkedIn?

More often these days social media is playing an enormously important role in everyone’s life. Some of them are good for friendship and some are for more professional communication.
With LinkedIn creating formal and business networking is simple. LinkedIn has become an important feature for companies to reach out to customers and effective way to do digital marketing.
Here are some key steps you can take in consideration when you desire a higher rating.
1-Profile picture
Your profile picture is the first thing that will grab attention. You want to select an image that will represent you in best and most effective way. A picture that is closest to your personality or your business characteristic.
You don’t want to be too serious or too crazy. It is good to show balance.

2-Start networking
Start connecting and networking with your colleagues, ex-colleagues, classmates. Spend a few minutes sending a personalized invitation. LinkedIn provides standard templates, but it’s always appreciated by recipients when you add a little personal touch to it.

3-Proofread your profile
You may have brilliant content and excellent achievements, but you have grammatical mistakes in your profile. This probably would not get good feedback from your customer or audience.

4-Use keywords
Like google search, you need to do research and find out what words will guide the LinkedIn search engine to your page. Find effective and important keywords and use them in your content.

5-Clarify segments
You need to clarify what segment you going to target. Focus on that group. Make sure you know your segments taste as a picture you use or writing style you prefer.
If your audience is young or teenagers you want to include more colors and happy pictures with an average level of writing. But if you targeting mothers or housewife, zoom in on house or family bonds.

It is not hard to be successful. It is important to use tools around yourself more effectively.