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Increase Your Family Time and Decrease Your Kitchen Time without Sacrificing Healthy,  Clean,  Food

Everyone cares about health. Parents want to eat well and parents want their kids to eat well. And yet, a huge challenge lies in finding time to make healthy, scrumptious meals, that your family and kids will all love.

Eating clean can be fun, quick, easy, and as delicious as you want. Throw away your assumption that you can’t do this, you can – here’s how.

1 .Family Meal Planning & Prep for Clean Eating
As with many thing, you will begin with your prep work. No successful changes happen without a plan and prep work. Here’s a super simple guide to meal planning and cooking prep.

pic 1

This took me about 2 hours to prep, and gave us lunch and 4 dinners!
2. Start Simple
Now that your prep work and planning are complete, start your program with a simple, fun, and meaningful clean-eating change- upgrade your kiddos’ lunch box with this simple list of great clean and quick lunch ideas.

3. Start Cooking!

pic 2

Here a few starter recipes: 
Finger lickin’ good chicken.

I prepped this on Sunday (took about 5 minutes) and let it sit in my fridge until Wednesday. Wednesday evening, I dumped it out on a sheet pan and stuck it in the oven; cooked while Stella and I played games. Voila, dinner was ready and I literally spend less than 10 minutes in the kitchen.
Comfort food all the way
When you’ve had a week full of hard decisions, disappointments and major major changes, it is natural to turn to comfort foods to nurture your soul back to health.

4. Sign Up! 

Interested in learning more?

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