5 Reasons Dog Videos Are Better Than Cat Videos

We all know cat videos. Funny, fuzzy, kind of cute.  Sure they rule the internet.  But dog videos are so much better!  For proof just look at this video of Dogs Having a Grand Old Time!  But to clearly prove our case, let’s take a look at the exact reasons:

  1. Cats are jerks. Let’s face it, cats have their own agenda. And if you happen to get in the way of it, they do things like pee on your bed, or scratch up your furniture (sometimes they do that anyway.) Do you really want to watch cats being jerks, does that make you feel better?
  2. Dogs are loving and loyal. When you come home they are SOOOO happy to see you, and not just because you are feeding them. And do you see stories about how cats try to rescue their owners? No.
  3. Cats don’t care about you. People who think their cats love them are fooling themselves. Cats love getting fed, and petted, and left alone when they want to be left alone. What cats are really thinking?
  4. Dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves. You don’t have to guess what makes dogs happy; playing, attention, food.
  5. Dogs are cuter than cats. I know, it’s a controversial statement. But check out this video and you will see I am right!

    Now if you want to see something truly amazing, check out this video of a dog getting it’s teeth brushed!