Eric’s Final Post

Thanks for stopping by We’ve had fun and learned a lot of things while creating blog posts for the site, all in the name of higher education. Oh, and competition – we can’t forget about competition.

There are a lot of posts from Team Medellin on the blog site, so I hope you’ll take some time to look through some of my teammates’ posts. I’ve copied links for a few of the key posts below.


Assignment #1: Comment on a current event

The post that kicked off our team’s efforts:

My first post for the team:

Assignment #2: Find a marketing blog post, comment on the post, and then contact the authors

As a team, we were trying to figure out who was going to post what and when. Here’s our post for the second assignment:

Assignment #3: type some words into Google search, then answer a question that is comprised of search results.

In class, we analyzed a case on direct marketing of pharmaceuticals, so I decided to do more research about the subject. I summarized what I found – and there is a lot more information on the topic – in this post: