What the H*ll is a Fairy Penguin?

An Adorable Bundle of Fluff – That’s What!

Back in May [yes, The Bronx Zoo has been keeping this level of cuteness from us for imgres-3months!] a Fairy Penguin was born in for the first time in the Zoo’s 120-year history.

imgres-2So, what does it mean [aside fro bringing a smile to you face]? Well, these little guys are the smallest of the 18 penguin species. Apparently our friendly tuxedo’d friends have many more cousins than I knew about. These tiny balls of fluff grow barely a foot tall in their six years of life but at least they get to live it in Australia.

The birth of this chick a huge success for both the Bronx Zoo and their sister breeding program at the Taronga Zoo is Australia and The Wildlife Conservation Society is also quite elated. Not only does this birth further conservation efforts but the birth in the US adds genetic diversity to the breeding program.