Social Advocacy & Ayra Stark??

Imagine how exciting it was for a social media novice and a huge Game of Thrones fan to find a blog about marketing that included parts of the story line for Arya Stark. Plugging in a popular television series  was the perfect way to draw my attention. I wanted to thank all the gods, from the many-faced  to the old gods of the north.  Staying away from the lord of the light as that one is a little frightening and don’t even want to be a blip on his/her radar. 

Ben Green @ oktopost does a great job in a four minute read explaining what social advocacy is, and how to create the necessary emotional connection that is often lost through the use of social media.   Powerful and long term relationships are built on something more than just a slick twitter account or witty blog.

This article suggests incorporating any company’s greatest assets; its employees, and begin an employee social media advocacy program.  Employees who are actively encouraged to use their social media accounts can help bridge the emotional void of social media, and help put a face to a brand name.   Authentic, genuine and personal stories shared by employees create bonds between the customers and the brand.

Putting a face to a brand is the whole tie in to Ayra Stark and the Game of Thrones, she may not have a name but she certainly has a story to tell.